Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Library Books!!!

 I have been trying to take the boys to the library once a week to check out books and educational videos. They love learning about animals and math. They are all so smart but it seems math comes easiest to all of them. So we usually check out our maximum 50 items! Jacob and Jaron both love to read and I think Jonah can almost read too! He read the front of a magazine in walmart one day. Jonah loves to look at books and occassionally will sit still long enough to let me read to him. The other day at the library that had "Kids & Kritters". A lady came from the humane society and brought an animal. She read a few books then took out a baby goat to let the boys all pet it.

Justus is saying a few words but not much! He does a lot of squealing and screaming to get what he wants. He will be 2 years old Dec. 1st and it'll be time to start potty training {yeah} I'm so excited! Potty training isn't easy but it's nice to not have to buy diapers. These are cell phone pictures and I finally figured out how to convert them and get them on the blog. I am so sleepy and need to get in the bed. Lots to do in the morning before Thanksgiving dinner. {Goodnight}