Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks!

I have so much to be thankful for~here's a few things:

  • my husband
  • our 4 boys~Jacob, Jaron, Jonah & Justus
  • our house
  • plenty of clothes
  • food to eat
  • our church
  • Jesus dying on the cross & raising from the dead
  • the King James Bible
  • privilege to homeschool our children
  • all my friends
  • God's grace & mercy & forgiveness
  • all our family members
  • a working vehicle
  • gospel music
  • Heaven~no more headaches
  • heat & A/C to keep us comfortable
  • a hot shower
  • eternal security
  • our military
  • natural remedies
  • a comfortable bed
  • generous friends & family

I am sure after I click "publish" I will think of more things I should have added....but these are some of the things I can think of while fighting a terrible headache. We had a great day with my mother & step-dad. His brother & wife too. I cooked apple pie from scratch, mashed potatoes & green beans. They made turkey, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, stuffing, brownies, banana pudding, green bean casserole & rolls. It was all so good and we probably ate too much! I think my headache is from this cough/congestion I've had for almost a month. Might see if I can go to the doctor tomorrow. It's probably progressed into a full blown sinus infection now. So please pray for me to feel better soon! And hope you all had a happy thanksgiving!!! {May God Bless You}