Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Everything is broken (AKA~my to do list)

-my towel rack
-Jaron's glasses
-my camera
-the chain to turn on my closet light
-the lid to dash compartment in our van
-my printer
-the wheels on our coffee table
-Jacob's scooter
-the door handle on the van
-the light bulbs in the dining room
-Chris's shoe
-the ties on the chair cushions
-the wire on the headphones
-the handle on Jonah's dresser drawer
-the pencil basket
-all my hair clips
-Jacob's toothbrush
-my watch battery
-oh and I think I broke my finger....

But other than that we are all doing good. I am just discouraged because my camera will not charge so I can't put pictures on here. Blogger won't let me download pictures from my cell phone either.

We've been busy with homeschooling & church. My headaches have been more frequent. Justus is taking antibiotics (which cause SEVERE diahrea) for his double ear infections that was preceeded by 3 days of steroids (which prevented him from sleeping)!!! Life has rough but we are still thankful God has provided for everything.