Friday, August 31, 2012


The last 3 weeks we have been in a revival at church.
~It has been amazing!~
God has changed lives
He saved 31 souls from a burning hell!
{We have gotten so much help from Him}
~The Holy Ghost was there with us every night~
We will never forget what we have experienced.
There wasn't time for watching tv or playing on the computer.
Every day revolved around "what time are we leaving for church?"
{It was nice to put all the worldly stuff aside and just worship Him.}
~Our son Jaron got saved!~
It was awesome to see some praise the Lord for their first time.
Watching the Holy Ghost work was AWESOME!
It wasn't easy taking 4 boys to church every night for 3 weeks past their bedtime.
Gas prices were rising and we were running out of money.
But I would do it all over again! It was so worth it!
~I am so glad God changed my desires.~
{I serve Him because I want to, not because I "have" to.}
~That's REVIVAL!~