Saturday, June 30, 2012

Splash ZONE!!!

 The boys had a blast in this little pool in our front yard!
They splashed and threw water up in the air with the buckets...
 Jonah had a spray bottle.

Jacob had on goggles....guess he didn't want any water in his eyes.
 The water was really cold so Justus wasn't a big fan of getting splashed so much.
 It's just been so HOT here in Georgia and this is the best way to cool off fast!
 Justus thought the leaves were chips if ya know what I mean...

 When it was time for nap I wrapped him up in this cute little Nemo towel and I guess he's never seen the
 movie because he pitched a fit!!!

But overall it was a fun day and I'm sure we'll refill the pool and do that many more times between now and winter.