Thursday, June 14, 2012

Near Death Experience!

Well after venturing out to Wal-mart with all the boys we made it back to the van and everyone got in the van safely without being run over. As I loaded the groceries my buggy was shoved into my hip. I turned to see the car beside mine with it's reverse lights on....OMGOSH she was backing up! Thank God all my boys were in the van. She felt the jolt of hitting my buggy and rolled down her back window to apologize. I made sure to let her know how upset I was by saying "I'm glad it was the buggy and not me!" She said "I saw you there but...." I said "Thank God my four boys are in the van already!" Again she apologized and as I got into my car reality sunk in. I could have been killed right there in that moment in front of my children. That would have been so awful and so traumatic. Jaron said "Mommy if she ran over you how would we get home?" I said "She would have to call 911 and the police would come"

What a horrible thing to think about...Seeing your mother being ran over. I recently read an article in the news about a 12 yr old girl accidently running over her mother and killing her. Her mom asked her to move their car forward as she stood behind it. She instructed her 12 year old to get in the driver seat and push the gas pedal. The girl accidently put it in reverse and ran over her own mom. What a horrible thing to have to live with. And she had younger siblings too. 

This world is just getting worse everyday. The Bible tells us that these are all signs that Jesus' return is getting closer. I hope you are ready to meet Him.

Terri Cote