Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who knows?

I feel like I am allergic to outside. I mean every time I step outside I get itchy eyes and the longer I stay out the more symptoms I get. Tonight I am currently a mouth breather because my nose doesn't work. My throat is very scratchy but I don't want to cough because it will jar my head too much and it might explode! I have no desire to eat and for me that is a big deal. Because if you know me, you know that I love to eat! Every time I look down my nose drips....gross I know but just being honest. Why did God make pollen anyway? I mean do we really need pollen? I'm sure it has a real purpose and I'm sure if I ate more vegetables I might not feel so yucky! I just wanted to give you a look into my world today. Last weekend Chris was sick and now me. All the boys have stuff noses and I do wonder if it's a cold or do we all just have allergies. Who knows? But whatever it is I wish it would leave our house!

The nyquil I just took should be kicking in soon so I better post this before I start misspelling everything.

Goodnight. (I hope)