Thursday, May 24, 2012

~Talk about living by faith!~

Last year this time we got new brakes and rotors on our van. And they have been making a noise for a while now so we thought we should get them checked before our warranty runs out at the end of this month. Well I went to the brake shop today thinking whatever it is will be covered and free. WRONG!
It was something different not covered under the warranty, the brake lines! It is a bulging brake line and is very dangerous to drive around that way. It could rupture anytime and lock down the brakes. Bottom line it's not safe and we've been driving it for a few months with that noise. We really trust God to take care of us in every sense of the word.

So after much talking and debating I drove home because we didn't have the money to fix it and they didn't have the part. Go figure! I went very slow and all 8 lights were green so I didn't really have to use the brakes much. Thank God! And Justus rode happily in the back eating cheetos without a care in the world.

Now we just have to figure out how we're gonna pay for this!?!?!?

Dear God send a miracle to our house tomorrow please.....Amen.

Terri Cote