Friday, May 04, 2012

Jonah turned 4!!!

It was actually a month ago and I forgot to post pictures. I got so excited about all the Easter crafts I forgot to post about Jonah turning FOUR years old.
 Our biggest baby...So handsome and could melt anyones heart with his beautiful eyes.
 He got preschool books to start homeschooling like his brothers.
 He also got some baseball stuff to practice his swing like the big boys.
 He was being shy when we sung to him.
But you better believe he ate some of that cake. Jonah loves to eat!
(like his mommy)
He is 40 lbs and getting taller all the time. He is no longer wearing a pullup to bed at night either. Jonah loves to ride his scooter outside and he also loves to sing.
Lets just say God blessed Jonah with a strong will in all areas and sometimes that can be a good thing and other times it can be a bad thing. But we love Jonah more and more as we see his personality develope and watching him learn new things.