Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Trip

We just go home Saturday from a trip to New Hampshire. My husbands family lives up there and it's been a while since we all went together as a family. We drove once when Jonah was a baby but its just not fun being in the car 20 hours with children. So this time we flew up there and being on a plane for 2 1/2 hrs is much easier to manage. The packing is a big job which I usually like to do myself. It is actually an all day job for me to pack for 6 people to go somewhere for 1 week. We have 2 large suitcases and they were stuffed full! The weight limit is 50lbs. per checked bag and they were 49 lbs. and 52 lbs. With a double stroller and my carry on, 3 backpacks and one laptop bag we made our way through the airport security to our gate. We had to request new seats because we weren't originally sitting together. We strategically all went to the bathroom just before getting on the plane so we wouldn't have to use the inflight toilet. And we board the plane last allowing the boys to get all their energy out before being seated that long. We were the last ones to get on and went straight to our seats without a problem. With Justus in my lap it is a little cramped but he's free so I didn't complain and then the girl next to me moved so I had a free seat for him! What a blessing. Jonah was absolutely beside himself with excitement. He couldn't believe we were in the air, in the clouds!

Jaron and Jacob have flown so many times before they new what to expect and barely even looked out the window. Justus didn't even realize we were in the air and he slept most of the way up there.

 We visited friends with BIG DOGS! This included lots of slobbering and a few tails might have wagged in Justus' face.
 We met the Green Lantern!
 And Jacob just couldn't resist posing with Captain America and Superman!
 And one more silly pose....
 Then we went to the mall and they played on the indoor playground for a little while. Justus was a true Cowboy.

 We visited cousins and Jaron was instantly Blaine's best friend. (Jonah was grouchy, can you tell)
 They rode the lawnmower with their great grandpa Adams.

 Then we took one last picture before saying our goodbyes.
 The boys really had fun in the indoor playground in Boston Airport.

 This is on the Hertz rental shuttle bus...

Oma and Justus on the swings at the park. We had so much fun. The baby was a little fussy at night and Jonah had his moments because he didn't nap the whole week but overall we had fun. Our rental van was AWESOME and we hated to give it back. But all good things must come to an end. We had to get another suitcase to pack all the new stuff we got shopping so fitting in the van to come was interesting to say the least. But we made it. The flight home was nice since 3 of the boys slept and Jonah may or may not have been sitting in the floor with his head in his seat sleeping. Jaron didn't want to leave NH. He wanted to stay with Oma. We let them spend the night with her a couple nights while we stayed at the hotel. She has a little doggie and they loved her.

It was nice to get away but there's no place like home. Everyone sleeps better in their own beds. (except for Justus because both of his ears are infected, no wonder he was fussy in NH)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Heart Strings

When I became a mother,
My heart was not my own.
It's like we were connected,
As if our hearts were sewn.
Love without conditions,
No matter what you do.
We'll always have those heart strings,
Your pain is my pain too.
Some day you will be married,
And be devoted to another.
But please son always remember,
The love of your mother.