Monday, March 05, 2012

Trying New Things

We invested in another trundle bed for Jonah and Justus's room. One day he will be crawling out of the crib and he will move to the bottom bed that is hidden under this one. Jonah loves it! He feels so big with is new bed.

And I tried something pancakes. I got a squirt bottle with a very small tip and put pancake mix in it. I got the pan hot first and squirted the outline of what I wanted and let it cook for a minute. Then used a cup to fill in the rest. And TADA!!! The kids loved them and said the baseball tasted like baseball. 
 Then I tried to be a cool mom and make a spiderman pancake. This is the best I could do...
 Justus discovered he can carry a backpack and he loved it. He looks so grown up in this picture.