Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Terrifying Tornadoes!!!

 Well I'm sure everyone knows about the awful tornadoes that recently hit our country. Here in GA we were also under tornado warnings and that new trundle bed came in handy. It was our safe place because we don't have a basement. After the boys all fell asleep I got them out of the bed and put them under Jonah's bed.
 Jacob and Jaron didn't even wake up....Jonah and Justus did....they were not happy. I had flashlights and shoes for everyone and bottled water and of course my bag. My "mary poppins bag". I have everything in my bag. That's a whole other post. We ended up staying under there all night because the warnings were until 5am and I wasn't comfortable taking them out. We have a lot of big trees in our yard and it was VERY windy here. Thankfully God kept us safe.
 We are so sad for those who lost their homes or their families. I cannot imagine how hard that must be.
The big boys woke up asking "why were we under Jonah's bed?" they really had no idea they slept there all night. Ignorance really is bliss.