Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jacob is Homeschooling too!

After I homeschooled Jaron for 2 weeks Jacob was begging to come home. He walked in the door Friday and said he brought everything home with him and he thought he was making the right decision. He wanted to be home with his brother so Jaron wouldn't have to learn alone. Over the weekend we talked about it a lot and decided to let him stay home. He was begging! I knew he had a math book he could work on from school and I can print things online to get us by for the first few days until I decided what to do.

Monday and Tuesday went well. I had Jaron at the counter and Jacob at the table working on all different subjects. Going back and forth helping each one as needed and encouraging them to keep up the good work. All while Jonah and Justus were playing in the living room and watching Baby Einstein. I wanted to try out so I signed them up yesterday and we got up this morning after breakfast and tried to get comfortable using it. They offer an online curriculum for PreK-8th grade. We are taking the day to practice with it and get a feel for how things work. It seems pretty self explanatory and very user friendly.

The work is graded automatically so that saves me a lot of time and paperwork. I can print reports to keep on file of their school hours, grades and work completed. They even offer "playground time" with games but I can limit the use of that. They each have their own password to login with. It's really a neat program so far.

This is not a christian curriculum so we are going to be reading Bible stories and memorizing verses still everyday after they complete their online work. I am just using this time4learning to finish up this school year~only 8 more weeks.