Thursday, March 29, 2012


 When we first got married I would have never guess we'd have 4 boys....
 They all look different but they favor each other too....
 My love for these boys is more than I even knew I was capable of loving anyone....
 They have taught me so much while I am daily teaching them....
 They are each handsome in their own way...
 With different personalities...
 and silly faces...
And they are my everything! I cannot imagine my life without them.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sooooooo Tired.....

I have a confession. Justus will be 16 months old and was still taking a bottle until yesterday. I have finally decided it's time to ween him off. Or should I say make him quit COLD TURKEY! He also still wakes up at night about every 3 hours and I gave him a bottle of milk. I know it's bad for their teeth and all that but I have done all my boys the same way and it's my fault for not breaking this sooner.

When a crying baby wakes me up at night I would give him just about anything he wanted to make him be quiet. Not to mention I am usually sleep walking. So it's time to break the bad habits and create some new ones.....SLEEPING! I am so tired of being tired. Every morning I wake up feeling exhausted like I didn't sleep at all the night before. One hour here and one hour there isn't REAL sleep. And since we know this is our last one I am ready to move on to the next phase in my life and that includes getting a full nights rest.

Our oldest son Jacob is 9 and I don't think I've slept a full 8 hours in 9 years. Of course my husband does get up with them sometimes too but being a light sleeper I hear every little noise and cannot just lay there and listen to my baby cry. So I have done everything imaginable to get them to sleep. I've slept in the recliner more times than I can count with a baby on my chest because that was his favorite place to be. I've put them in the bed with me against all the rules because that's what felt natural and most comfortable for us. I've gotten in the bed with them so we wouldn't wake up daddy. I've slept sitting up in a rocking chair while nursing. I've fallen asleep in the floor of his room. I've walked laps through the house singing and praying for him to sleep. Through the last nine years I've done what I had to do to help my baby's feel loved and comfortable.

Now it's my turn! I need to be able to think clearly and focus on what needs to be done each day like homeschooling, laundry, dishes, dinner, baths, checkbook and being a wife. So last night Justus got his last bottle. I washed them all and bagged them up for our next yard sale. I resisted the urge to give him a bottle all night last night. He got milk in a sippy cup this morning and he didn't really drinking all of it.

So here we go again tonight. I hope it goes better and more quietly than the last.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Heart is Breaking...

After I had some dental work done recently I explained to the boys what was done. Jaron asked me "Do I have to get fake teeth?" Because he is missing his two front teeth and the two beside those where the cleft was. I tried my best to explain to him that everyone has different teeth and he will need braces and maybe some fake teeth. to fill in the space. We'll just have to wait and see. But I assured him that I love his teeth and there is nothing wrong with him.

Then a couple days later he told Jacob, while they were playing outside, "That's it! I want to cut my lip off!" And Jacob came to tell me about it. I asked him why he would say that and he said I don't know. I said were you looking at Jacob's mouth and noticed he looks different? He said yes. I told him he has the best cleft lip repair I have ever seen and Dr. Mulliken did an AWESOME JOB! I reminded him that God makes us all different. Some people have fat lips, thin lips, wide lips, little lips. Everyone is unique and that's what makes us all special. I told him if we all looked exactly the same this world would be pretty boring. He agreed and we didn't talk about it again.

Then the next day while taking a bath he said "Hey mommy I had bully." I said what's his name? And he told me Thomas was saying mean things to him like "you're so little, you can't even swim" I said well he doesn't know you very well because you can swim. I asked Jaron if Thomas only said that one time or a lot and he said about "17 times". When I asked him if he told the teacher he said no and I also asked him if said mean things to Thomas he said no.

But now we are homeschooling and won't have to worry about bullies anymore. Well maybe when they are adults but they will be better equiped to respond.

My heart is breaking because Jaron is finally noticing he looks a little different and he's not happy about it.  I want him to be confident in who God made him. I knew this day would come. I hope we as parents can do and say the right things to help Jaron feel more confident and not be ashamed of his mouth.

Our new neighbors have 4 children the youngest is a 6 year old girl and Jaron likes her. I told him to keep his cleft a secret and see how it takes her to ask about it. I said she might not even notice. And so he agreed we'll keep it a secret until one of the children asks.

Do you have cleft affected children or family members? If so were they bullied? How did you encourage them? Suggestions please....

Jacob is Homeschooling too!

After I homeschooled Jaron for 2 weeks Jacob was begging to come home. He walked in the door Friday and said he brought everything home with him and he thought he was making the right decision. He wanted to be home with his brother so Jaron wouldn't have to learn alone. Over the weekend we talked about it a lot and decided to let him stay home. He was begging! I knew he had a math book he could work on from school and I can print things online to get us by for the first few days until I decided what to do.

Monday and Tuesday went well. I had Jaron at the counter and Jacob at the table working on all different subjects. Going back and forth helping each one as needed and encouraging them to keep up the good work. All while Jonah and Justus were playing in the living room and watching Baby Einstein. I wanted to try out so I signed them up yesterday and we got up this morning after breakfast and tried to get comfortable using it. They offer an online curriculum for PreK-8th grade. We are taking the day to practice with it and get a feel for how things work. It seems pretty self explanatory and very user friendly.

The work is graded automatically so that saves me a lot of time and paperwork. I can print reports to keep on file of their school hours, grades and work completed. They even offer "playground time" with games but I can limit the use of that. They each have their own password to login with. It's really a neat program so far.

This is not a christian curriculum so we are going to be reading Bible stories and memorizing verses still everyday after they complete their online work. I am just using this time4learning to finish up this school year~only 8 more weeks.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Terrifying Tornadoes!!!

 Well I'm sure everyone knows about the awful tornadoes that recently hit our country. Here in GA we were also under tornado warnings and that new trundle bed came in handy. It was our safe place because we don't have a basement. After the boys all fell asleep I got them out of the bed and put them under Jonah's bed.
 Jacob and Jaron didn't even wake up....Jonah and Justus did....they were not happy. I had flashlights and shoes for everyone and bottled water and of course my bag. My "mary poppins bag". I have everything in my bag. That's a whole other post. We ended up staying under there all night because the warnings were until 5am and I wasn't comfortable taking them out. We have a lot of big trees in our yard and it was VERY windy here. Thankfully God kept us safe.
 We are so sad for those who lost their homes or their families. I cannot imagine how hard that must be.
The big boys woke up asking "why were we under Jonah's bed?" they really had no idea they slept there all night. Ignorance really is bliss.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Camping inside...

 The boys got under the highchair and were pretending they were camping (so being the creative mom that I am) I decided to make them a really awesome "tent"!
With a few blankets thrown over the kitchen chairs they were in heaven. Crawling through, around and under. It was awesome and kept them busy about 45 minutes then we had to take it down for dinner time.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Trying New Things

We invested in another trundle bed for Jonah and Justus's room. One day he will be crawling out of the crib and he will move to the bottom bed that is hidden under this one. Jonah loves it! He feels so big with is new bed.

And I tried something pancakes. I got a squirt bottle with a very small tip and put pancake mix in it. I got the pan hot first and squirted the outline of what I wanted and let it cook for a minute. Then used a cup to fill in the rest. And TADA!!! The kids loved them and said the baseball tasted like baseball. 
 Then I tried to be a cool mom and make a spiderman pancake. This is the best I could do...
 Justus discovered he can carry a backpack and he loved it. He looks so grown up in this picture.