Monday, February 27, 2012

Jaron's First Day Homeschooling

Well after many months of feeling like I should take Jaron out of school and teach him hear at home....I finally did it. Friday was his last day of public school. He has a hard time focusing and staying on task in a classroom full of children and only one teacher. I knew that I could provide him with the one on one attention he needs to get his work done.

Today was our first day of homeschooling and we survived! His teacher sent home a chart of things he needs to work on in Writing and Language Arts. Also she sent home his science and math workbooks that he needs to complete by the end of the year. I have done all the necessary paperwork (one form) for the state to notify them he is homeschooling now. All I have to do now is record his attendance and mail it in to them once a month.

I went to the local school supply store and bought a couple of books with activities in them for all subjects. We already have a lot of stuff like handwriting paper and arts and craft supplies. I had a rough idea of what I wanted him to do but did not plan ahead I just got all the work books out and let him pick what he wanted to do next. He has a hard time sitting still so I let him do 30 minutes at a time with 15-30 minute breaks in between each subject. He chose math first, then map skills, creative writing, science, language arts, Art (painting and playdough)...

...then reading The Story of Creation, Handwriting and Spelling words from the story. We covered the required 4 1/2 hrs by the state and finished the day by 1:30pm.

I am pleased with how smooth it went. Jonah had a hard time understanding why Jaron couldn't play with him but once he figured out when he took breaks they could play then he was ok with it. I skipped my nap today with the little ones (not easy but I will have to quit that) and that's when we read the story and focused on his handwriting and spelling.

Jacob is still in public school and wants to finish out the year there. He is warming up to the idea of homeschooling next year. His main conern is not having friends. But I am going to join a local homeschool group to go on field trips with other families next year.

I am excited for this new beginning in our lives. God has allowed me to stay home with my children and my husband is a hard worker providing for us to afford it.