Friday, February 24, 2012

He hates the gate!

I have a baby gate that I use to keep the boys out of the kitchen when I'm mopping or to seperate them when they're fighting. Or just to keep the little ones out while the big ones do homework.
 And Justus is not a big fan of being seperated from Mommy or maybe it's just the fact that he can't pace the floors like he does now since he's mastered the art of walking.
 He paces around with his hands behind his back and going from room to room not following anyone just's cute...he gets it from his daddy and peepaw.
 So after I mopped on this particular day I grabbed my camera when I saw his face smushed up against the gate. He kept doing it so I kept snapping as many silly faces as I could capture.

We had fun and I think he liked seeing mommy laugh so hard...he was putting on a show for me.