Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year~New Beginnings!

Justus started taking steps on our anniversary (Dec. 26th) while we were on a date and my mother was babysitting. And each day that passes he is taking more steps alone without holding anything. He'll step out when no one is looking and just go so I guess we can say its official~He's WALKING! I have a little video of him walking down the hall but I cannot get it to upload. So for now this will have to do.

Our desktop computer had a virus and we had to take it to the geek squad for the cure. Then we got a stomach virus and there is no cure for it. We all suffered the wrath of the 4 days virus with vomiting, diarhea and severe gas in that order. I think we are all over it and the boys are ready to go back to school tomorrow after this long christmas break they had.

Jaron keeps asking "when's the snow coming?" and Jonah prays for snow every night. Justus is experimenting with baby snacks and cheerios but he still gags. So he's till on baby food. Jacob has developed a passion for baseball and got a real bat a glove for christmas. He desperately wants to play on a team next season. Jaron is excited about homeschooling and Jacob is not. We are going to make the best of it. Jacob doesn't like waking up in the morning for the bus so that will be one of the many positive things about homeschooling next year.

After months of being without a neighbor because our previous neighbors had to foreclose we finally have some new ones. They have 2 boys and 2 girls and Jaron is already in love with the little girl his age. They played outside together one day.

Have I mentioned Jonah has started writing his name and other letters and numbers too. I know he will love "homeschooling" next year too even though he'll only be in pre K.

God knows my heart and my strong desire to make this work so I believe He will provide a way to make it happen.