Friday, November 18, 2011

There's a first time for everything....

Jaron likes to dress up and "get in character" so this day he asked for me to make him a shield and this is what we came up with. And he had a sword Jacob made with Popsicle sticks and snow boots and a bike helmet. None of the others have done anything like this so this is a first in our house.

Oh and Jonah figured he could play hockey with a golf club and a wooden hamburger from the "food drawer" None of the other boys have ever done this either.

 Jonah decided the other day to do some "homework" and I had a Thomas book he could use to trace numbers and he did all the numbers 1-10 without my help and very good. That was a first for him.
 Justus tasted a wagon wheel learning to handle other textures without gagging. His first time...He didn't like the puffs or the yogurt melts though.
 And I finally decided to cut his hair. The curls were cute but had to go because it was just too frizzy. So here is a before picture...
And here is Justus after his first haircut....He didn't even cry.

Oh and another first in our house.....Chris tasted that dried mango I confessed to being addicted to in a previous post and guess what....HE's ADDICTED TOO! He said it should be illegal.