Thursday, October 20, 2011

Staying Organized

Chris and I have always been organized in our marraige and never really liked a mess. So when we started having children things got a little more difficult to keep up that tradition. But after years of struggling with myself and my anxieties I finally learned how to do it.

I used to go behind my first son Jacob and pick up toys he left out all day long and then I got pregnant with Jaron and was babysitting two little girls daily. The messes got bigger but I would have them all sing the "Clean up song" before they left every day.

Then I had Jaron and he was born with a cleft lip and palate that required extra attention and care. So I really didn't care about the mess much that first year of his life. After we got 3 surgeries behind us and Jaron started walking and playing I taught the boys to put things away at bedtime. I never liked the idea of a toy box that you throw everything into one.

We bought plastic drawers for the boys room to organize and sort different items. They have a car drawer, a ball drawer, a train drawer, a track drawer a people/animals drawer, a game drawer, I recently invested in a shelf with nine baskets and we also use those to sort legos and things.

I love being organized with my personal things and I think the boys do to. They always know where to look for something they want to play with.

So now instead of stressing and trying to clean all day long we just clean up at bedtime so we can start our mornings off with a clean house. I have learned to relax and little and the boys always know what is expected. We all work together to clean their room right before bedtime.

How do you get your kids to clean?