Sunday, October 02, 2011

Liquid Gold...getting low

Well I am still nursing/pumping for Justus and my supply is getting low so I have been a little worried. I am trying to eat things and take fenugreek to try and increase it but not sure it's working. My goal is to continue giving him my milk until he's one year old Dec. 1st. But at the rate we are going my freezer supply is almost gone and I am not sure I'll make it. I have been giving him 3 jars of babyfood every day in between bottles.

Oh but one day I gave him infant oatmeal like rice cereal but it's oatmeal not rice. The first time he had it I mixed peaches with it and he puked for 3 hours so I thought it was the peaches. That was a few weeks ago. Well this past thursday I tried to give him some more but I just added water this time and he puked for 3 hours AGAIN! It was awful because after the first vomit his stomach was empty so the remaining 10 times he was just dryheaving puking up yellow stomach acid. He is too little to be going through that much trama. He was dehydrated and I was desperately trying to get him to drink my milk. Finally after hours of puking he slept a little and drank 4 oz. Poor baby...I think he's allergic to something in that stuff. He never pukes with the jars of veggies and fruits.

So anyway.....please pray for my supply to stay adequate enough for him until he's one. I am getting discouraged. I don't want to give him formula.