Friday, September 09, 2011


...does not even describe it.

Today was one of those days. Chris is out of town for his dads wedding and he took Jaron with him to be the ring bearer. So I am here with the other three boys. On a normal day it would be no big deal but today was CRAZY! Jonah has a ruptured ear drum (discovered yesterday by all the blood) so I started my morning with the dreaded eardrops. He cringes when I get them out. And we got Jacob off to school on the bus. I thought I would take the pediatricians advice (against my better judgement) and give Justus some rice cereal around 7:30 for breakfast. And he seemed to like it. He's been eating other baby foods during the day but never any cereal.
So he laid down for his morning nap around 9:00am and when he woke up he was a in a puddle of vomit! Maybe he didn't like it after all. I got him all cleaned up and he puked again! So I changed him again and put a bib on this time. A few minutes later he puked again. And over the course of the next 4 hours he dry heaved stomach acid 10-12 times. Poor was pitiful. So I finally got him to drink some of my milk and he napped at noon with Jonah then woke up and drank some more.
Then Jonah woke up from his nap still grouchy like he was when he laid down. He has been so rude to me lately and today I was too tired from holding the baby all day to even fuss at Jonah. I just tried to ignore him. If Daddy were here he would not be getting away with it. My empty threats weren't helping. After cooking dinner and cleaning up (with many intereuptions along the way) I popped in a movie hoping to settle the boys down for the evening but wouldn't you know Jonah was not interested in watching it.
So he continued to fuss and complain and talk over everyone else (My Nanny is staying with us). One minute he's hugging me "I love you mommy" and then when I ask him to share a toy with Cari (the girl I babysit) he says "don't tell me what to do, you're not the boss; I'm the boss!" then he stomps off "I don't love you mommy". I think he's bipolar

I just get tired of fussing and spanking and threatening so I focused on the baby and tried to just ignore Jonah. Oh and then we tried to skype with daddy but noone can here because they all talk at once. And Jacob is sticking his finger in front of the camera and Jonah wants his face in the camera. Guess we need to have a skype practice session to teach the boys skyping manners. Needless to say I'm exhausted....but suprisingly I don't have a weird is that?

Maybe tomorrow we'll have a better day.

Our bedtime prayers included:
asking for forgiveness for misbehaving
asking Jesus to give me patience
asking Jesus to help Jonah be nice
and praying Daddy & Jaron come home safely.

Oh and then came the dreaded ear drops again.

PS: Justus is back to himself and I'm sure there won't be any rice cereal in our future!