Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nine Years & Nine Months Old

How ironic is it that our oldest son Jacob turned 9 years old Sept. 12th and our youngest son Justus turned 9 months old Sept. 1st. They went to their checkups at the doctor together and they are both growing great! Jacob is smart and loves to tell me how he makes "healthy choices" for lunch at school. He loves to eat fruits and vegetables because he says they make him run faster. I try to teach our children that anything God makes for us to eat is very healthy. If it grows on a tree or in the garden you can have all you want. If it comes in a box or bag then man makes it and its not the best choice. Even though we do still buy things in boxes I do want to instill that in their minds. So I try to encourage them to eat healthy so they will form good lifelong habits.

Justus is 21lbs and doing a low crawl on his belly all ove the house. He will run over eveyones toes in the walker because he is so fast! And he's also learning to eat baby food. We had an awful experience with some baby oatmeal over the weekend though. One bowl of that stuff and he puked for HOURS. It was so pitiful and he was dehydrated so after he finally stopped dry heaving I went back to nursing. No pumping no food for the next 24 hours and he was back to his normal self again.

Jacob loves Justus so much he really cannot keep his hands off. I mean he picks him up and carries him but I worry he will drop him so I am constantly telling him "put the baby down". I prefer him to sit in the floor with Justus and hold him or play but picking him up makes me very nervous.

Jacob has always been an awesome helper and this weekend when Daddy was out of town and I pulled a leg muscle and could barely walk~Jacob stepped up to the plate. He massaged my feet with lotion and helped me with every thing. What would I do without him? My firstborn son....He's so thoughtful and has a heart of gold. I love that boy more than he'll ever know.