Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm a "Soccer Mom"!

Our boys have been begging us for a couple years to play a sport. Jacob in particular always wants to play whatever the school is sending home papers for that week. So with the help of Oma we signed them up for soccer and they love it! It's only saturdays always in the same location, just 2 miles from home. Practice one hour then play one hour. Jaron and Jacob are on seperate teams and they do have a 3-4 yr old group but we didn't think Jonah would cooperate, He has a HUGE personality. (that's a whole other story post maybe one day I'll tell you about it.)

So today was their 3rd game. We have taken pictures and videos and I will try to post both not sure how many I can add to one post. The organization is i9sports and they are focused on teaching the kids how to play together as a team and no pressure to win. They don't even announce the winner or formally take score. The point is to teach the kids to encourage each other and be a good sport. We love that. It's is also boys and girls. All total it will be 9 weeks of games saturdays only. And it also happens to be the sport my husband played as a child so he loves that too! Jacob is #16 and Jaron is #41.