Monday, August 29, 2011

Root of the problem...

Have you ever wondered why people allow money to control them? I have met some like that in my life and it is very sad to me. I am so glad we don't have a lot of money because it ruins people. When a person has money they think they can buy friendships. They use their money to bribe and sway people to do what they want. They use their money to convince people and to deceive others.

The Bible says "the love of money is the ROOT of all evil" And most only look at the "love of money" part but notice the "root of all evil" means the cause of all our problems. The root....where all the evil starts~money is at the root of it. What a shame....

Love cannot be bought and neither can friendships. I am so thankful that God sees us for who we are and not how much we have. He looks at our hearts. The Bible also says God is no respector of persons. That means he does not hold anyone up higher than another. I feel the same way about people. We learned the hard way that people will fail you. They will let you down. We cannot put our faith in people. We must trust God and Him alone.

I will never allow someone to persuade me with their money. I have seen God provide for us so many times. People try to control others with their money. But I will not be controlled or manipulated by anyone. I too, am no respector of persons. We are all equal in God's eyes and we should treat each other equally with the same respect. I don't care if you are homeless or the president. We are all sinners and we all have a soul in need of salvation.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deafening Silence

Its not often I can get all 4 of the boys in one picture together without anyone crying or being shy or grouchy. So we got them all calmed down drinking milk and ready for bedtime. They are all so handsome in their own way. I love my boys and I would not change a thing. They spent the night with Granna & Pappa last night (except the baby) and it's really quiet around here. Too quiet actually. We miss them.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The New and Improved...

Same blog with different name. I decided we needed a new catchy blog title. I chose "never a dull moment" because often times when I am out in public with the boys everyone feels the need to comment.
"Bless Your heart"
"You have your hands full"
"O my FOUR boys!"

And I usually say it's never a dull moment at our house. I don't want to sound negative because I love our boys and I wouldn't change a thing. But sometimes it can be hard and I feel like I need to respond with something so that's what usually comes out. I think it's very appropriate for my blog so I am sure it's here to get used to it. :-D

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Inventions & Crazy hair!

 Jaron loves to play in boxes but we didn't have one so the cooler was the next best thing.
 Jacob invented this game of deer hunting with bathroom cups he drew deer on and rubberbands to shoot them.
 Justus is absolutely adorable.
 All our boys are so handsome!
 Jaron loves to squeeze in every picture he can!
 Beautiful in blue...
 Everyone has a mohawk in the bath picture right? or is it just my boys?
 And this is a new one....he has more hair than any of our other boys had at this age.
Jonah loves popsicles....who am I kidding this child will eat almost ANYTHING!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Star of the Day

Jaron wanted to bring pictures of himself when he was a baby to school and show the kids before and after surgery. He was explaining his cleft lip and surgery when the principle walked in and took this picture. He later called me and asked if it would be ok to make him the "star of the day" on the first day of school and post this on the school's website. I said "of course!"
Jaron Cote shared his "Get to know Me" Bag in Mrs. Gravitt's first grade class. This kid is just the coolest ever. He's not afraid to share about being born with a cleft lip and palate. He showed pics of himself as a baby and explained to his peers about his subsequent surgeries. As a kindergartener last year, he asked his mom if he could take pics to share at school. She has empowered him to talk about it openly in hopes that sharing will help the world be a better place for Jaron and every child. Now, that is cool and definitely qualifies as my first photo to be highlighted under Dr. Rayburn's Lens this year.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Crib Fun!

Jaron got in the crib with Justus at the hotel in Boston and was making him laugh...soo cute!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You might be the mom of many small boys if...

I posted this last year but it is so funny and true I wanted to repost for those who might have missed it.

... several times a day you catch yourself saying "get your hands out of your underwear, it's NOT a toy!" have ever said "DON'T CLIMB UP THE FRIDGE!" superglue motorcycles together can quote Cars Movie word for word know all the words the Thomas the Tank Engine Songs
...refer to your children as small, medium and large have a car, dinosaur and a skateboard in your purse at your doctor without any kids
...You see nothing wrong with drinking from a sippy cup in public because you forgot to bring a water for yourself
...they eat food off the floor and you no longer cringe when they do it can not enjoy peace and quiet because you know that usually means they are into something they shouldn't be have ever called a plumber to get a tractor out of your toilet
...everywhere you go someone feels the need to say "wow you have your hands full" son climbs in and out of the cribs at church and other moms are worried but you just say "he's a professional"
...everything you do revolves around naptime
...buying different brands of socks and underwear for each child makes laundry folding so much easier
...slobber on your shirt doesn't mean you have to change your shirt don't mind smelling a diapered butt to see if they pooped no longer panic when they lock bedroom doors just get a butter knife to unlock it
...every night at bedtime you have to clean the toilet and the FLOOR with clorox wipes before the pee drys
...they fight over who gets to hold the door open for mommy have ever said "don't wipe your hands on the couch, wipe them on your shirt" give them a bag of ice to play with outside and they tell you your the best mother in the world. go to walmart singing baby einstein music all the way there and then you realize you don't have the kids with you have mastered going "potty" and breastfeeding at the same time can bathe all 3 boys in one bath in 10 minutes or less
...a trip to CVS is quiet time for mommy
...ear plugs have become your new best friend
...hiding in a dark closet to take an important call is the only way to hear on the phone tell your family and friends to call after 8pm if they want to talk because that is the children's bedtime sometimes refer to bedtime as "clocking out"
...they can all stand around the potty and pee at the same time cut fingernails in an assembly line cried the first time they pooped in the potty
...sitting in the bathroom floor saying "peepee come out!" is a daily activity bedtime, you have ever said "don't get out of the bed unless your bleeding or have to go potty"
...lunch for you is usually the crust off the PB&J sandwiches have ever lost a child in walmart and when you found him spanked him instead of crying
...the car rides are the most peaceful because everyone is strapped in their carseats
...they have learned to read at 4 years old from watching PBS kids and playing let them stand on your shoes to pee in a public toilets so the won't touch it with their "neenot" hide NOISY toys in the bathroom closet because they never think to look in there hear "I love you's" and get kisses more than most people. :-)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trip to Boston

I took Jaron to Boston for his yearly clinic visit Thursday and of course Justus(still nursing) went too. It wasn't the easist thing to do with 2 boys and a double stroller and overnight bags, without my husband but I did it. Chris had to stay here with Jacob and Jonah because school had already started. So even though the stoller and the boys and all our stuff weighed approx 100 lbs. I pushed it all over the airports and hospital and across the street to the hotel. And now I feel like I've been mountain climbing.

These pictures are not in order because I cannot get blogger to cooperate.
Peepaw picked us up at the airport and after TONS of traffic and a little confusion with the directions we finally made it to the hospital and to the radiology department just one minute before Jaron's appointment. He had a videoflouroscopy done. He had to talk in the xray machine and they also put barium in his nose and watched him talk again to see if it went into his nose.
That appointment only took 15 minutes so we had the rest of the night to recover from our plane ride and clinic was on Friday. So we stopped in the CVS inside the hospital for some snacks and went to McDonalds for a late lunch. Then went back to our room with Peepaw and Barbara to relax.

I gave the boys a bath and we ordered a PB&J with the crust cut off from room service at 7:30pm at night because Jaron was hungry. So we got to bed by 9:30 and woke up at 7am. I got a shower and we went down for our breakfast. Jaron's appointment wasn't until 1:30pm but we thought we might be able to get in early so I called with no answer so I packed up our stuff and we checked out of the hotel at 10:00. After a lot of walking with the 100 lb stroller back to the hospital in and out of elevators we made it to the clinic and they said the doctors don't arrive until 12:30 so we had some time to kill. So I took them to the "Family Center" to play with some toys and watch a movie. Then we had some lunch and headed back to the clinic by 12:30pm.

We saw the audiologist first back on the elevator (with the giant cadillac stroller) to the booth for his hearing test. He did great and his ears are perfect.

Back to the clinic and we were sent down to the basement for pictures.

Back to the clinic then we were taken to the dental department for xrays.

Then back to the clinic and we were taken back to see the speech pathologist and she had him talk a lot and asked lots of questions and said she determined he does NOT need the p-flap surgery to extend his palate. He also does not need any speech therapy either.

Then back out the waiting room and then we're called in to see Dr. Mulliken. Jaron's surgeon. He is so thorough and we love him. He is VERY pleased with Jaron's nose and the fact that it has not widened at all! He was bragging to his fellows about Jaron's cupid's bow (dip in his top lip). He meaured and made marks on Jaron with a green pen and Jaron just laid there perfectly still so cooperative. There were others in the room training and working with him. But I just wanted a picture of him working with Jaron. He's an artist really and Jaron is his masterpiece. He said Jaron's nose is the same width of an average white male without a cleft.

We talked about his new baby and how she is also 8 months like my son Justus. He said she sleeps through the night and when I asked him how does he like being a parent he said "it's interesting".

What was most exciting to hear is how great his scars are doing. Jaron's scars have not stretched at all. And it's because his premaxilla (front gums) are set back into his mouth a little. That is also why his nose has not widened. And the reason it's set back is because we started out wearing the NAM in atlanta and the doctor pushed his premaxilla back into his mouth sideways and after 17 weeks at NYU and the NAM could not turn it back straight. So we met Dr. Mulliken and the first thing he said was "he needs a premaxillary osteotomy" (straighten the front gums out). So he pushed other children's surgeries back to fit Jaron in at 8 months old to do that first surgery and closed his palate at the same time. And because of that Jaron's scars have not stretched as he has grown like most kids do. So Mulliken was very pleased to say the least. He told his fellow to send us down for some 3D pictures of Jaron puckering.

So back to the waiting room and I proceeded to nurse the fussy baby all the while watching the clock because my flight was at 6pm and was already 3:30 at this point. And just as he started nursing they came to get me for his 3D pictures so I asked him to push the stroller while I nursed and walked down there.

I asked him (Dr. David Kim-fellow) how long did he think Dr. Mulliken would be working and he said Mulliken told him about 6-8 more years. I told him to pay close attention because he is the best.

So we got the pictures and back to the waiting room and then we're called back by the dentist last doctor for the day. I made it clear my flight was at 6 so we hurried things along they measured his mouth and told me his next surgery is at 9 years old for the bone graft. Bone from his hip placed in his gums where the cleft was. And possible braces before then. I asked one of the nurses to call a cab for me and we ran down to the lobby to pick up the carseat and out the front door just as the cab pulled up. We made it to the airport and still had an hour to get dinner and get through security.

Thank God we made it home safely. My whole body is aching from all that walking while pushing the giant stroller but it was all worth it and I would do it all again if I had to.

The boys were watching out the window for our airplane to arrive. So anxious to get back home to their brothers and daddy.

We spent some time in the Hospital's Family Center with tons of toys, books and movies. Jaron was feeding the dinosaurs.

The captain let Jaron tryout the front seat!

This was taken on the way to Boston. He was so anxious to land after we had only been in the air 5 minutes. So we played some games to keep him occupied. The baby was keeping me plenty busy.
This neat thing is in the lobby of the children's hospital with balls falling and sliding up and down. The kids love it!
This is where they took the 3D pictures.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Best Friends

 We had a yardsale last weekend so we had a lot of bins like this one out of the attic and Jaron and Jonah loved to play in them. So they got their notebooks and pens and went down the hall and sat in the bin. They were pretending to work at a store. I walked up and Jonah said "Can I help you?"
 Jacob loves Justus and picks him all the time. I was so worried he was going to drop him but the last few days I have been watching him and he does really good holding him so I try not to fuss at him. I just ask him to sit down with him and not walk around.
 He said "Mommy I think I'm ready to feed Justus"
So I pumped a bottle for him and Jacob fed sweet.