Friday, June 03, 2011

We're still alive.

Well we got back from vacation and it was not easy to get back into our routine. Chris went back to work for a week and I went back to babysitting. The boys are out of school so I am exhausted (as usual) trying to keep them all occupied/busy. Jacob complains of getting bored easily. So I am constantly searching for new ideas or activites or places to take them.

Chris had to leave one week after we got home for a funeral out of state and he was gone for a week with Jacob. So I was here with the other three boys and babysitting too. I tried to hold down the fort but you know what they say "when it rains~IT POURS!" I knew I needed brakes on the van and was planning on getting them the day I had to go to the airport. But the day before that our hot water heater broke. So thanks to Chris's Mother we got a new one installed the day after he got home. I was able to get the brakes on the van before going to atlanta and it's a good thing I did because in the words of the mechanic "they are wore slap out!"

Oh and I forgot to mention that while Chris was on the plane out of state we had tornado warnings in our county for hours and I was home with the children~ a little scared but trying to keep my composure so I wouldn't scare them. I pulled out Jaron's trundle bed and we all got under it. Chris called to tell me he landed and I told him where we were. So all he could do was pray. So I guess it's true bad things really do come in threes. (brakes, hot water heater & tornado) all while my husband was not home.

I am not really sure why I haven't posted on here in so long. I think of things all the time I want to write about. And I even take pictures of things and the boys that I want to share but I never get around to it. Lately my newest habit is watching the Doctors show on my DVR while eating popcorn sprinkled with hershey morsels late at night. It's bad I know but that is normally the time I would be blogging so I guess that's it I gotta stop it.I learn so much from that show but can't really watch it with the kids home from school and all the noise so I record it for later.

I wanna tell you more but I am so sleepy and my contacts are burning in my eyes. So gotta go for now. Hopefully I'll be back sooner than later. Sorry took me so long.