Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Jaron!

My little boy (that the doctors suggested I abort) is SIX years old today. I cannot believe it. Time goes by too fast. He has had surgeries and therapy and feeding problems but I would do it all over again if I had to. This little boy has taught me to trust God when I felt like there was no hope. I have loved this child from the first day I saw him. I cannot imagine my life without him now. He's our handsome little boy and I think he knows he is special.
My grandmother, mom, stepdad, sister, husband & their daughter were coming over to celebrate and Jaron told me his belly was "nervous". He felt excited about thinking about everything we were going to do. Pizza for dinner and cake and icecream for dessert. Then presents!!! He got a captain america, 3 cars from the movie Cars 2, finger lights, and some more stuff I can't remember. This is one tired mommy I gotta get to bed.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Potty Time

Well lets just imagine for a minute you have 4 children ages 8, 5, 3 and 6 months....and you are at walmart with a cart FULL of groceries. Then the dreaded "I gotta pee pee mommy! Well if you can't imagine because you've never had this many kids let me tell you what it's like.

This is how it happens for me almost every time we go somewhere an daddy isn't always with us. Because Jonah is recently potty trained I walk/run to the bathroom with the boys following me. If I'm at walmart with a cart full of groceries I usually have the baby in his car seat but I can't take the buggie in the bathroom if it's full so I have to take him out and carry him in the bathroom. Jacob and Jaron want to go in the "Men's" bathroom but that's not gonna happen so I take them in with me in the women's hoping the "BIG" stall is available.

We all get in there and the first words out of my mouth "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!" So I have to say this is where having all boys comes in really handy. Whoever gets their pants pulled down first goes pee. Even if they don't have to go "Try to pee anyway" (so we don't have to come back in this nasty bathroom). Jonah is too short to reach the toilet so I have to help him pull his pants down and let him stand on my shoes toes so he can reach~all while holding the baby.

So now that they've all peed guess what ~ Mommy needs to go really bad because I drank a coke before we left the house so I wouldn't fall asleep and now I gotta pee. So how do I do this holding a baby? Well after having 4 kids I have learned that ANYTHING is possible. I have mastered the art of nursing a baby while doing anything so sitting him in my lap is a cinch. Only thing is I have 4 boys so I tell the other 3 to turn around and count the tiles on the wall for a smidgen of privacy. While holding the baby with one arm I hover over the potty trying to reach the toilet paper. One boy turns around and asks "Mommy are you pooping?" so loud in a public bathroom. "No I'm not pooping this is how girls pee pee".

So I flush the toilet with my shoe and they all want to wash their hands because playing in a sink of water is FUN! But I can't dry them all while holding the baby so I say "No we are not washing hands today!" (but then I realize how gross that sounded) We get back to our buggie full of groceries and I buckle the baby back in his car seat. I dig frantically for the GERM-X in my bag. So we all "wash" our hands with germ x and pray that I can get home quickly before someone has to poop.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bowling Boys

We spent our saturday at the bowling alley and played video games with the boys. It was nice to get out of the house and do something together as a family.

Friday, June 24, 2011

All Things Organic

I really wish someday I could switch everything in our home to organic. I know it is better for us. I know all the harsh chemicals and added preservatives are not good and only contribute to sickness and cancers. I want to do what is best for our family but not sure that we would ever be able to afford the extra costs of organic foods.

Maybe I could just plant a garden and grow things myself. Introducing vegetables to our children can be a challenge. Thinking of new and exciting ways to prepare the food and encouraging them to try new things.

It's hard to change our way of thinking when it comes to food. If only we could not buy anything that comes in a box or a can. Just go to the produce section of the grocery store and only buy things that God makes. I try to teach our children how good fruits and vegetables are for us.

Maybe one day if I ever go back to working a public job and bringing home some extra money....maybe we could afford organic. It's not that I want to live to be 150 years old, but it's the quality of life that is so important.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Granna & Pappa's House

I took the boys to my mom's house last wednesday for some fun in the sun!
Justus got in the big pool some but he napped in his stroller with his bug net covering it.
Jaron & Jacob could not get enough. They did not want to leave.
Justus also enjoyed the swing.
Jonah liked the big pool but was more comfortable in the little baby one in the first picture.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sorry Sliders

The boys were playing "Sorry Sliders" and I think Justus wanted to play~What do you think?
Jacob sure does love his little brother!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Spray Ground!

 I took the boys to Laurel Park "Spray Ground" the other day and it's only $1 per child. Jonah was a little hesitant (he's in the bottom left corner) but he eventually went out there and got wet!
 Then they got on their dry clothes and play on the regular playground.
And the police, ambulance & fire trucks were all there hosting a picnic for a HUGE group of kids {summer camp I guess} and they let the boys look the helicopter. Then we got in the van ready to leave and got to see it take off!!! SO EXCITING for te boys. :-D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Messy Face

I gave Justus a little bit of baby oatmeal mixed with my milk and he liked it. So I gave him some more a few days in a row.  Although, I'm not really worried about him starting foods yet. I never gave Jonah anything except my milk until he was 8 months. It is my belief that God gives mothers exactly what their babies need. I never push the issue of baby food until they are 1 year old. But the doctor said something about the iron in the cereal for better brain function so I tried it a couple times. But I do still take my prenatal vitamin every day along with a couple other vitamins so I am sure he gets plenty of iron because prenatals are loaded with them. This was too messy and not a necessity so I don't plan on doing this every day. He just spit most of it out, but it was funny to watch.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Jacob over came his fear of spiders and picks up daddy long legs by their legs!
Jaron over came his fear of nintendo and learned to play mariokart with Jacob~and won!
Jonah overcame his fear of the potty and is now FULLY POTTY TRAINED!!!
I overcame my fear of baking from scratch and I've made so many things can't wait to tell more!
Justus over came his size 3 diapers and is now in a size 4!
Daddy overcame his fear of tasting new things discovered whole wheat pancakes aren't bad.

I love cooking healthy for my family it feels so good to know that I am providing something for them that is good for their bodies inside and out and I made it myself. And when they all love it that is the best!

We had brocolli & carrots for dinner the other night and Jaron LOVED them both!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Books a million...

Here's the books that our children have ~ minus a few of the bigger ones that don't fit in this cabinet. I always said I wanted my children to be smart and always have lots of books. I wonder if we got rid of all their toys and only had books??? What would life be like? What if we got rid of all the movies and tv? If all we did was read books and play games. I'm not sure if we'll ever come to that but I think it would be nice.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

An expensive fort!

We had to replace our hot water heater the other day and the boys really enjoyed playing with the giant box it came in.

 Then Jacob made a fort in the corner with a blanket and some chairs.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Happy Baby!

Picture of me and Justus with the webcam.
This is not the greatest video quality because I used my cell phone but it is so cute to hear him laughing.

A day at the park

 Well I am getting more and more brave taking all 4 boys in public by myself. Chris has to work and I was not babysitting this day. The boys are out of school for the summer and they are getting bored around the house. So I took them to a local park to "get some energy out".
 We walked on the trails through the woods.....threw rocks in the lake...
 Everyone had a turn on the swings
And I even packed sandwiches and we sat down for a picnic lunch while we were there. And we came home for a much needed nap after all that fun in the sun.

Friday, June 03, 2011

We're still alive.

Well we got back from vacation and it was not easy to get back into our routine. Chris went back to work for a week and I went back to babysitting. The boys are out of school so I am exhausted (as usual) trying to keep them all occupied/busy. Jacob complains of getting bored easily. So I am constantly searching for new ideas or activites or places to take them.

Chris had to leave one week after we got home for a funeral out of state and he was gone for a week with Jacob. So I was here with the other three boys and babysitting too. I tried to hold down the fort but you know what they say "when it rains~IT POURS!" I knew I needed brakes on the van and was planning on getting them the day I had to go to the airport. But the day before that our hot water heater broke. So thanks to Chris's Mother we got a new one installed the day after he got home. I was able to get the brakes on the van before going to atlanta and it's a good thing I did because in the words of the mechanic "they are wore slap out!"

Oh and I forgot to mention that while Chris was on the plane out of state we had tornado warnings in our county for hours and I was home with the children~ a little scared but trying to keep my composure so I wouldn't scare them. I pulled out Jaron's trundle bed and we all got under it. Chris called to tell me he landed and I told him where we were. So all he could do was pray. So I guess it's true bad things really do come in threes. (brakes, hot water heater & tornado) all while my husband was not home.

I am not really sure why I haven't posted on here in so long. I think of things all the time I want to write about. And I even take pictures of things and the boys that I want to share but I never get around to it. Lately my newest habit is watching the Doctors show on my DVR while eating popcorn sprinkled with hershey morsels late at night. It's bad I know but that is normally the time I would be blogging so I guess that's it I gotta stop it.I learn so much from that show but can't really watch it with the kids home from school and all the noise so I record it for later.

I wanna tell you more but I am so sleepy and my contacts are burning in my eyes. So gotta go for now. Hopefully I'll be back sooner than later. Sorry took me so long.