Monday, May 09, 2011


Well I was determined today was the day Jonah was going to poop in the potty. I put underwear on him this morning watched him like a hawk. He went in the room to hide in the corner and I knew it was time. He said "don't see me". I picked him up and ran him to the toilet. He sat and sat and sat. I begged, bribed and pleaded. I have never wanted to see poop so bad!

He has been the hardest to potty train so far. I guess it's party my fault for not being more aggressive about it. But being pregnant with Justus and babysitting left me little time, energy or patience for it. So I was lazy and kept buying the pullups.

Well I am proud to say that after 55 minutes and sitting on the potty he said "don't see me" and I went out. And 5 minutes later he called me "mommy, look!!!" I almost cried. He got the donut I promised and wore underwear the rest of the day.

Now we are ready for vacation!!!! 5 more days! WOO HOO!!!