Monday, May 16, 2011

Family Vacation Day 2

Well the boys internal clocks woke them up at 6:30 am AGAIN! But my husband let me sleep until 8 with Justus. We ate breakfast and got dressed for a quick run to walmart. The boys were begging us to go swimming but we knew it was too cloudy and chilly outside. So we waited and watched the empty pool from the balcony and Jonah tossed a tennis ball and a frisbee off the balcony too. Finally after PB&J for lunch we got ready and went down to the pool. It was still cloudy but Jaron and Jacob got in the pool. I could tell by their quiverying chins it was cold. Jonah walked around the kiddie pool very hesitant. After he got in Jonah only lasted about 15 minutes and he was out wrapped in a towel shivering. The wind made it worse when they got out with wet shorts on. Then Jaron was next and he was really cold. They wanted to go inside so Chris took them up and I stayed down at the pool with Jacob and Justus.

Jacob was a little bored in that big pool all by himself. There were some girls his age but it was too cold to get in.

So he finally got in the hot tub and warmed up. Justus was napping in my arms and then he opened his eyes and looked at me.
And when Jonah came out on the balcony asking me to come up I was ready too. So Jacob and I packed up our stuff and went back to the condo.  
We ordered pizza for dinner

Then the boys had a pillow fight

And then it was baths and bedtime

All this excitement is too much for Justus he is pooped!