Friday, May 20, 2011

Last Day of Vacation

We went to the beach today for about 4 hours.
Justus hasn't gotten burnt at all because I have kept him covered in sunblock and out of the sun for the most part. He stays in this seat on the beach or covered in a small sheet when we hold him.

 Jaron decided he wanted to wear an arm floatie as a hat and he did for most of the time we were there. so silly!
 Here is our little set up. It was just too windy for an umbrell and we really didn't need one since we all had on sublock and Justus sat in his carseat out of the sun.
 The boys really enjoyed playing in the ocean. It was definately something they will never forget. I sure do hope we can do this again next year. It was so nice to spend some time together and put all our worries aside for a week.
Justus loved the water too. I put his feet in the sand and he just laughed.

We are sad to leave tomorrow but anxious to get back to our home. This condo was so nice and we had lots of fun but there truly is "no place like home".

***A special thanks to Rosemary Stratton for giving us this free vacation. What a blessing it was and we will never forget it or you. May God bless your family.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Family Vacation Day 5

Well we have kept the boys covered in sun block every day to prevent sun burns. I even put it in Justus' hair
 We spent the day at the pool.

 The pool was FREEZING so we didn't get in.
 Jacob said "mommy how long does it take to get a tan?" (a long time when you have on sunblock)
Jonah pooped in the potty again!!! so he was rewarded with a donut. We are so proud of him. {we won't talk about the two times he's pooped in his underwear}

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Vacation Day 4

We planned a day at the beach today since the weather was supposed to be warmer than it had been. So we got everything packed up and go there about noon. It was so windy and chilly but still very nice. I kept Justus in the carseat covered in towels to keep him warm and out of the sun.

 The boys had kites and Jacob was in heaven because he said "It's like a paper airplane!!!" They would get wet in the water then come wrap up in a towel freezing because it was so windy.
 A little sand art :-D

 Jonah and Chris testing the water.
 Jacob trying to get his kite off the ground
The ocean is beautiful and we are really having a good week.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Vacation Day 3

It was a little chilly again today so we took the boys to a Children's interactive museum called the "Sandbox". It was fun and they loved it!

 Then we went back to the condo to get in the pool but it was very cold again. So they didn't stay in very long.
 Justus has been doing a lot of jumping too!
 While we waited on our Lasagna to cook we colored some pictures.
 Then they played in the "tunnels" under the hide away bed.
They were all exhausted and asleep by 9pm. Beach again tomorrow.... :-D

Monday, May 16, 2011

Family Vacation Day 2

Well the boys internal clocks woke them up at 6:30 am AGAIN! But my husband let me sleep until 8 with Justus. We ate breakfast and got dressed for a quick run to walmart. The boys were begging us to go swimming but we knew it was too cloudy and chilly outside. So we waited and watched the empty pool from the balcony and Jonah tossed a tennis ball and a frisbee off the balcony too. Finally after PB&J for lunch we got ready and went down to the pool. It was still cloudy but Jaron and Jacob got in the pool. I could tell by their quiverying chins it was cold. Jonah walked around the kiddie pool very hesitant. After he got in Jonah only lasted about 15 minutes and he was out wrapped in a towel shivering. The wind made it worse when they got out with wet shorts on. Then Jaron was next and he was really cold. They wanted to go inside so Chris took them up and I stayed down at the pool with Jacob and Justus.

Jacob was a little bored in that big pool all by himself. There were some girls his age but it was too cold to get in.

So he finally got in the hot tub and warmed up. Justus was napping in my arms and then he opened his eyes and looked at me.
And when Jonah came out on the balcony asking me to come up I was ready too. So Jacob and I packed up our stuff and went back to the condo.  
We ordered pizza for dinner

Then the boys had a pillow fight

And then it was baths and bedtime

All this excitement is too much for Justus he is pooped!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family Vacation Day 1

Well we are here! We made it to the condo that was given to us FREE of charge. We are so happy to be here and excited to see how much fun we can have in one week. We got here at 4pm yesterday and had to get settled. I left Chris here with Jacob and Jonah and I took Jaron and Justus with me to Bi-Lo. I stocked up on the bare necessities to hopefully get it through the week. The condo is HUGE (maybe bigger than our house). The boys were running all over the place and very excited but begging to go swimming. Chris and I were just exhausted so we had to say no and put it off until tomorrow. We got some quick Mcdonald's for dinner. Let the boys stay up late and they took a HUGE bubble bath.

We woke up and ate some breakfast and got everything together to head to the beach. But we had to wait a while for Jonah ( he was way over due for a poop) so we bribed him with donuts

but daddy had a severe headache. So when everyone was ready we headed out. The beach is just arond the corner one mile.

It's not easy to get 4 boys, a cooler, 2 chairs, umbrella, bag of toys, 5 towels, and a bag out to the sad without something going wrong. We learned today that it costs money to park at the beach, Jonah's water shoes are too big (kept falling off~not good on hot pavement), Jaron was scared of all the dead jellyfish, Jacob wanted to swim away,

Justus needed something to lay in,

Jonah loves to throw sand, umbrellas don't stay in place with 30 mile/hr winds. We also learned that sunblock does work if we remember to use it. We also learned that sand castles are hard to build

Jonah's shorts were falling off and how could we ever forget that sand will be in ever crevace of our bodies every time we go to the beach. Don't get me wrong it was fun but it was madness.

Back to the condo after just 3 hours everyone rinsed off and mommy cooked chicken, corn and potatoes for dinner. YUMMY!

Then they BEGGED us to go to the pool which just so happens to right outside our balcony tempting them all day long.

So we went down after dinner for quick FREEZING swim in the empty pool (no people~just water).

 All their chins were quivering and Mommy and Daddy were exhausted so back up to the condo baths, snacks, teeth and bedtime. Everyone is pooped but ready for some more fun in the sun tomorrow. :-)