Friday, April 29, 2011


Have you ever been so scared you couldn't blink? I was Wednesday night. We had several SEVERE storms including high winds and tornados come through Georgia and I was glued to the news watching and waitng and wondering if it was going to come to our county. I wasn't afraid for myself necessarily. I was scared for my boys. I could just picture how terrifying it would be for them.

We had a plan to get in our bathtub and cover up with a mattress. The tornado warnings for all of north GA was until 2 am so I could not sleep until I knew they had all passed. I sat up staring at the tv not sure I was blinking. My contacts were glued to my eyes.

The more they talked about the death tolls rising and peoples houses missing in Alabama....the more vivid my mental picture was of me and my boys trapped under our house. I know we are supposed to trust God. I do trust Him but I also know that He lets somethings happen to people for a reason. I just could not see how those storms would miss our county. They went above us and below us but we barely got any rain. I was amazed at how God protected us. He truly did answer our prayers.

I know there are so many right now with missing or lost loved ones. I am still having trouble sleeping thinking about all those families. I am not sure why He spared our lives....but He did. And we are so thankful for his hedge of protection.