Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our first miracle

Our oldest son Jacob has such big heart. He is very loving and caring especially to me when I am sick or have a headache. I recently got mastitis and he said he was praying for me and asking about it daily until it was all better. He pets me when I am laid up with a headache too. He knows my favorite thing is to have my hair played with so that is what he does. And he if he's playing outside he'll pick a purple flower and bring it to me because he knows that's my favorite color.

He gets rewarded at school for good behavoir and he doesn't eat the candy, he brings it to me because he knows I like chocolate. He is almost as tall as me too. Jacob is a great helper with anything I need. He told me when he grows up he wants to have store called "Penny General" you know like Dollar General but cheaper. He always thinks of others and worries about people. He wishes Nanny could be our neighbor because he thinks she's sad living by herself.

Jacob changed me as a person the day he was born. I became a mother and I have learned so much from him.