Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One of those mornings...

My cell phone alarm went off at 6am like usual and I rolled over to nurse the baby. (Yes he sleeps with me.) The goal is to get him fed then wake up the boys and get them ready for school. Well it didn't quite work out like that. The next time I opened my eyes was at 6:59 and the bus comes at 7:05. I walked out into the kitchen and saw Jaron sitting on the couch in the dark. I asked him to go wake up Jacob and tell him they were gonna miss the bus. Jacob came out of their room "I was already awake mommy I was just playing games." WHAT! So I had to get Jaron's oatmeal made first so it could be cooling off and then started making his lunch. They got dressed and Jaron swallowed his oatmeal faster than ever before. Chris took them to school and they made it on time. The bus is just easier and they like it. Even though I am always nervous about putting them on the bus....they do have assigned seats right up front so that helps a little.

I went into their room to make the beds and Jacob did have 2 of their handheld games in his bed and curtain was pulled back, like he'd been looking outside. I guess he wasn't sure if it was time to get up so he stayed in his room.

So on to the next item of business.....POTTY TRAINING! I am cracking down on this. SO sick of buying pullups for Jonah. He pees in the potty a lot but in the pullups too. And has never pooped in the potty YET! He wore underwear all day today and only a pullup for naptime and bedtime. He pooped in his pull up right when he woke up from nap. I had set him on the potty before naptime because he wanted to and he said "mommy don't see me" so I left him alone for a few minutes. I went in to check on him and he said "I can't because the poop is stuck in my butt".

I really hope he will be fully potty trained before we go to Hilton Head.

So we napped....played.....watched a movie....made train tracks....made phone calls....cooked dinner.....baths....watched Caillou (the only 15 minutes of silence in our house) and put them to bed. And I just made whole wheat chocolate chip muffins with flax seed. A healthy bedtime snack!