Thursday, April 14, 2011

The (not so) Fun Dentist

The oldest two boys went for their 6 month cleaning Monday. I, of course, had the younger two boys with me. I thought a morning appointment would work well for everyone. Jonah would be a in a good mood and I could take the boys to school afterwards and get back home in time for nap. WRONG!

Jonah was fine when we walked in the door. They have video games in the waiting room and the boys all played together while we waited to be called back. I filled out the paperwork and Justus was a little fussy. He had puked 4 times the day before with the same stomach virus the other three previously had.

Then they called for Jacob & Jaron. We all go into a little hallway and talk about concerns before they go back. Then she took them to the end of the hall and I said bye. Jonah followed them and wanted to go too. I had Justus in the stroller and had to pick up Jonah (all 35 lbs.) and carry him, kicking and screaming, while pushing the stroller back out to the waiting room. Which was full of people! Everyone was staring at me, wonder why?

I sat down, facing the wall so I didn't have to see their looks. I calmly talked to Jonah about what the boys were doing and he was still crying. I offered him water. "NO" I offered him goldfish. "NO" So I took him to the bathroom and we had a "talk". Back out into the waiting room and he was still crying. So I held him and thanked God for putting Justus to sleep in the stroller. "Jonah why are you crying?" "I DON'T KNOW!" At one point he ran to the exit door and layed down in the floor kicking and crying. I was tempted to take a picture with my cell phone, so I could show daddy how bad he was being. But I knew the other adults in the room might think I was CRAZY! After 35 minutes of screaming and pitching a fit they were done with Jaron. THANK GOD! Because when he came out and sat down to play a game with Jonah he stopped~immediately. It's a miracle!

Needless to say Mommy was exhausted and was so ready for naptime.

I haven't told Jonah yet, but he is getting his first cleaning at The Fun Dentist in October. :-\