Monday, April 04, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Jonah!

We actually celebrated his birthday Saturday but it's really today. April 4th. My mom, stepdad and nanny came over after we got home from the zoo. We had chicken fajitas and birthday cake. Then he opened his presents. He got a new woody doll, a Leap Frog movie, soft ball w/ bat & one big squishy ball. And I think there is some coming in the mail from out of town too! He seemed fine Saturday and a little fussy sunday but when he got in the bed sunday night he puked all over the place! The boys have a had a stomach virus. First is was Jacob last weekend, then Jaron was puking Tuesday and Wed now Jonah has it. We did not sleep much last night. He hugged the potty (sanitized first) most of the night. I cannot wait for naptime.