Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sometimes God uses strangers to do his work.

When Chris was in the army he met a guy and they went to Kuwait together. While they were gone I got to know his wife. When they came back 4 months later we all moved away from Ft. Benning. We came to N. Georgia and they moved back to New York. We lost touch for a few years and found each other again on Facebook. And I guess she told her mother about this blog and she has been keeping up with our family by way of the blog. I have never met Rosemary but she wanted to give us a vacation with her timeshare for FREE! (3 bedroom 3 bath) I am so amazed at how God does things. We have wanted to do this for years but never really had the money to do it. Now we are going to Hilton Head, SC for a whole week absolutely FREE! God sure is good and I hope one day we'll meet Rosemary in person and be able to give her a proper thank you.

Oh and we thought we were going to have to buy a beach hut/tent to keep the baby in the shade. I have shopped online and asked my family. No one had one and we didnt want to fork out the money for something we may never use again. So Chris went to work and was asking around and one of the guys brought theirs in for us to borrow. FREE! Thank God for the generosity of others. Now all we have to buy is gas money to get there and groceries for the week.

We are counting down the days~24 to be exact! Can't wait to get a break from the norm and just relax in the sun.