Sunday, March 27, 2011

Handsome Man!

Jaron would wear his suit "like daddy's" every sunday if we'd let him. Just too handsome for his own good! He has recently taught himself to tie his shoes and lost one of his bottom teeth (literally). It was very loose for weeks and he finally pulled it one day at school and said he lost it in the hallway. He has finally reached 38 pounds! He is getting taller just still very slim. He does still have trouble behaving in school despite the 1000mg of fish oil he gets every morning. I am running out of options and I REALLY don't want to give him prescription for ADD. I do think he may have it but I just believe in treating things as natural as possible. If you have any suggestions of "ALL NATURAL" supplements or anything we can do to help him focus please comment below. I am getting desperate. My hope is that he will mature over the summer when he turns 6 years old and maybe do better next year in first grade. He has come a long way with his drawing and writing skills. I have some of his best work I need to scan in and post on here soon. Anyway...I am tired...had a long day.