Monday, February 07, 2011

"Is he your boss?"

I was in Walmart the other day with Justus and Jonah. My rule for Jonah is he is allowed to get out of the buggy and walk with me once it's full. So he was walking on the cereal isle and pointing at sugar (junk) cereals he wanted. I was saying "no come here". A man came down the isle on a scooter and asked me "Is he your boss?" to which I quickly replied "No I have 4 boys and I'm the boss". :-D

I don't like the idea people have that our children rule us. Or the little comments people make "OH BOY you've got your hands full!" Why do they say that? Of course I do and yes I'm busy but don't say it so negatively. I love my boys and wouldn't change a thing about my life. 

So yes my hands are full but you should see our hearts!