Monday, January 17, 2011

So much to do.... little time. I will just give you a general idea of how my day goes (when the boys are home from school):

I start by making breakfast for the kids (cereal or oatmeal) and nursing the baby while attempting to eat something myself. Then I change Justus' diaper and take Jonah potty (praying he doesn't pee in this pullup). Put in a movie for them and bring the baby in the bouncy seat into the bathroom so I can take a shower. Chris is home from work by then so he watches the big boys while I take a quick shower and get on my clean (work clothes) Pj's for the day. I nurse the baby again while staring at the pile of laundry on the couch, trying to decide if I want to fold it or not. I change another diaper and sit at the computer to check my email. I get distracted by the pile of reciepts on my desk so I start to balance the check book but I'm interuppted 3 times by the boys wanting to play games online. So the checkbook can wait. I take Jonah potty. Unload the dishwasher. Get more clothes out of the dryer. Press the pile down so they don't fall off the couch. :-/ My phone rings....doctors appt reminder. "Jaron stop wrestling!" "Mommy I'm hungry" says Jonah. "I'm on the phone!" Put the baby down in the swing. (thank God he's a good baby) I finally start on the laundry and it suprisingly only takes me about 30 minutes to fold 3 loads. The boys are getting bored and I am getting a headache but the show must go on. So we make a HUGE train track covering their whole bedroom floor while watching Thomas. Snack time...Jonah needs to potty again but I'm nursing so I have to balance Justus in my lap (still attached) while squatting down to help Jonah get his pullup off. That is not easy. But I'm a professional right. I mean I should be by now with 4 boys. right? So I drink a coke and take my vitamins & some ibuprofen. Almost naptime....I think I can I think I can. We color some pictures and play with legos then it's lunch time. I whip out 3 PB&J's and cut off the crust (that's my lunch). We all eat around the coffee table and then it's naptime. Ahhhhhh I made it. I lay Jonah down for a nap in his room and I lay on the recliner with Justus. That is quiet time for Jacob and Jaron in their room (right beside the living room). They stay in their room and watch a movie and color or whatever they want to do, quietly while I try to nap on the recliner with the baby monitor beside me to hear Jonah and Justus laying on my chest. About 2 hrs later Jonah wakes up from his nap and comes out waking me up. The lights come on the diapers and potty training start all over again as I wrack my brain trying to decide what's for dinner (grilled cheese or frozen pizza) :-D

All of this while daddy's sleeping SSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!