Thursday, December 23, 2010

We got the flu for Christmas!

Monday night Justus started running a fever of 101 so I rushed him to the ER and they admitted him. Not knowing what he had and because he is so tiny the standard procedure is the test for everything. He had blood work, urine test and even a spinal tap. He was very dehydrated when we got there so after 5 sticks in his hands for an IV with no luck, they decided to call NICU to do his IV in his head. It was not fun watching all this happen to my little baby. He was so lathargic and seemed almost lifeless.

His eyes were crusted over so they started using some eye ointment while we were there too.
So the biggest concern was he might have menegitis. They have to check for everything in a baby his age. So we had to wait 48 hrs for the cultures from the blood, urine and spinal fluid. They watch it in the lab to make sure no bacteria grows for 48 hrs. They kept his fever down with tylenol and gave him 2 broad spectrum antibiotics for those 48 hrs to cover anything just incase.

They also decided to test for the flu and RSV and he was positive for the flu but he's too little to take meds for it. We still had to wait on cultures to rule out everything.

So we spent 3 nights there and they finally let us go home today. They said the cultures all came back negative and he has not had a fever since yesterday morning.

Even though he was on IV fluids and sick with the flu he was nursing very good the whole time we were there.
Oh forgot to mention Jaron came home Friday with strep throat and Jacob also got the flu. I think I have it too but no time to get to the doctor so they just called me in some meds anyway. Jonah and Chris are the only ones without any symptoms so far....MERRY CHRISTMAS!