Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Presents and Pillow Pets

Jonah is now comfortable holding Justus....for a few seconds
Daddy is in love

Jacob is my little helper...always getting a passy or a burp cloth when he needs it.
Jaron LOVES his pillow pet he got for Christmas!

And the gingerbread train was fun to make...and eat!
Jonah also has to sleep with his pillow pet EVERY NIGHT!
Justus slept through the whole thing....he got new clothes and diapers but we didn't bother wrapping them because it's not like he could open them....and we needed them before Christmas.
Jaron loved his Woody costume too....we made a video of them all opening their gifts but blogger wouldn't let me download it. I think 7 minutes is too long. In the video I asked Jaron what was his favorite present and he said "I love all of them"
It was so cute to watch them open everything....
Jonah got a new car to drive and he keeps telling me "see ya later, I going to the store"
They got more than enough for Christmas (like always) Thanks to all their grandparents!
Every year before opening gifts we read the story in the Bible of baby Jesus and how he came into this world. We want our children to know the true meaning of Christmas and always make that priority.