Monday, December 27, 2010

He was 20 and I was 18...

I met Chris a few weeks before he left for basic training. I was going into 12th grade and tired of getting hurt in previous relationships. I made a decision to stop trying to find "the one" for me and start praying for God to send me a husband. A mutual friend introduced me to Chris and we kept in touch through letters while he was in basic training from June to Sept. He came home and we were inseperable. We went out to eat one night and he proposed to me in the restaurant. I said yes and we were so excited that we couldn't even finish our food. We left there and went to the closest payphone to call my dad. (no cell phones back then)

It was a strange head was saying "you barely know him" and my heart was saying "I love him and if he leaves for the army when will we get married?"

It was very hard the day he had to leave for Korea. I was finishing high school and engaged to be married. I wrote him letters daily. He wrote me a lot too. I of course saved all the letters and pictures we exchanged during that year. He came home for 2 weeks on mid tour leave. We visited his family in New Hampshire on a 20 hour road trip from NC. He went back to finish his tour in Korea and I stayed home finishing high school and working at McDonalds saving my money and planning for our wedding. I graduated in May 1998 and he came home in October and was stationed in Ft. Benning, GA. We saw each other every weekend and we got married (in same church we met in and the same church I got saved in) on December 26, 1998.

And here we are 12 years later with 4 boys and still in love...

I am so thankful for my handsome husband and his dedication to the Lord.