Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Minds~Big Thoughts

The other day Jonah (2) asked me...."What color is God?"

Jacob said "I know why God made men marry women...because they can do different things"

I asked Jaron what he is thankful for and he said "Jesus"
Our boys are so smart and come up with some of the funniest, silliest, deepest thoughts.
Jonah told me when Justus comes out "No stroller mommy...I hold him"

Jacob sees me struggling to walk around and said "I feel sorry for your belly"

Jaron has been more interested in using the computer lately and he likes educational games that always teach something. He is so smart I just wish he could control his energy. We filled out the questions for ADD (his teacher and I) and she faxed them to the pediatrician. I got a call today that the doctor wants to see me to talk about the results. They wanted me to come in Dec. 1st. I said UH...can't I'll be in the hospital having a baby. So I had to make it for Dec. 14th.

I am so curious what they think. I also got a call from the pshycologist about meeting for the possible PICA. (Craving metal) Before making an appointment I have been sure to give Jaron plenty of vitamins daily even though he can't chew the gummy ones. He sucks on them until they are gone. It might be helping too. I haven't seen him putting any cars in his mouth here at home lately. They are out of school this week, but I am anxious to see how he does in school with staples, paper clips and scissors everywhere.