Thursday, November 18, 2010


Jaron has always loved metal things in his mouth. I mean since he was born. After surgeries and post op recovery he loved to suck on our watches, keys or anything he could get in his mouth. As he got older he discovered match box cars are metal and he also sneaks coins out of my purse. Now that he has started kindergarten it has become a serious problem. His teacher sends home notes daily. He puts paperclips, thumb tacks, safety pins & scissors in his mouth at school. We are so nervous we're going to get a call one day saying he's poked a hole in his palate or something. So I started researching "craving metal objects" and learned about PICA. It's common in pregnant women and children. They symptoms are craving non food items or non nutritious items. Jaron could possibly be deficiant in something causing him to crave metal or it could just be from trauma to his mouth as a baby. It might just be a bad habit he's formed and we have to teach him to break it. We are making sure he gets plenty of vitamins now that I am aware that could be the reason and hoping this will help him stop.

He is also at the top of his kindergarten class in reading. He taught himself how to read when he was 4. He's also very smart in math, but he's not doing good with fine motor skills like writing and cutting. He has a very hard time staying focused and gets in trouble a lot at school for not listening, playing, talking, wrestling, etc. We think he may have ADD. I am not sure that I want to give him any type of prescription for this. I think they supress the appetite and he cannot afford that. He's already TINY! So his teacher and I filled out the forms from the doctor to deteremine if he has ADD and I'm waiting to hear back. In the mean time I am researching herbal rememdies and supplements for ADD that would be a safer option.

If you know anything about either one of these topics and have any suggestions or advice please comments. I'm getting desperate for answers.