Sunday, November 08, 2015

Holy Ghost v/s Devil

This is an old post but a day I will NEVER FORGET:

I got up one December Monday morning in 2005 to take Jaron to NYU for another NAM adjustment. We changed our return flight to stop in Boston before coming home. I wanted to meet the surgeon there and see what he thought about Jaron's mouth. Needless to say it was a long day and I was exhausted. I had a headache and was starving. Our flight from Boston back to Atlanta was delayed but the flight leaving 1 hour before was allowing some passengers to get on with them right then. I RAN to the

gate with him in the stroller and got a seat with Jaron in my lap. The lady beside me was so nice and asked to hold Jaron while I got situated.

Now if you have a cleft affected baby you know that most strangers are prone to stare at your child but never ask to hold them. I was so relieved to be beside a nice person for once. I started talking to her and saying I needed to take some medicine for my headache and I was starving. She excused herself and came back to sit down a few minutes later. After we got in the air the stewardess brought me a hot meal from first class, courtesy of my new friend sitting beside me. So I ate while she held Jaron and offered to feed him with his squeezable bottle but I didn't let her. I just felt like it was too difficult to explain.

Jaron had trouble drinking his milk and he cried a lot with reflux and gassy stomach. So I tried to calm him and get him to sleep but it's not easy on a plane with everyone staring. The lady behind me was intentionally kicking and pushing my seat continually. I told Jan sitting beside me I was about to turn around and say something. And about that time she did it for me. She stood up and fussed that lady out! I was so happy! It continued and the lady kept griping and complaining so I stood up and turned completely around and faced Jaron towards her asking if she would please stop. I was trying to feed my baby and I'm sorry if he's keeping her awake. She said why don't you go to the back of the plane. I said no why don't you go to the back of the plane! I could NOT believe my ears! Our heated discussion was broken up by the nice flight attendant who relocated the miserable woman far away from me.

I am sure I talked Jan's head off the whole way back to Atlanta. Telling her all about Jaron and his upcoming surgeries. I also mentioned that I hoped they took a debit card for airport parking because I didn't have any cash on me. We got to the airport and as we walked together to baggage claim she stopped me and asked if she could pray for me. Right there in the middle of the airport. So I said of course and we stood there and prayed out loud in the airport surrounded by people. It gave me goose bumps. She handed me $40 to help with parking and we hugged & we said our goodbyes. What a blessing to have been seated next to Jan on our flight home.

About a month later, one January Wednesday night as we were walking out the door for church we found a single envelope propped up against the house on the ground. It was almost dark and seemed odd that the fed ex delivery man didn't knock on the door to hand it to us. So we opened it and it was a letter from Jan's church and a check for $5000 saying they wanted to help with medical treatment for Jaron. We were EXSTATIC!!! OMGosh a complete stranger just gave us $5000!!! We couldn't believe what we were holding. God had provided once again for us to travel to Boston for Jaron and made sure we had the money to cover all expenses like cab fare, airport parking and meals too. I haven't heard from Jan or seen her since that day but I will never forget her.

That day the Holy Ghost sat beside me and devil was behind me on the plane. I am so glad God knows our needs before we even ask. He always sends people into our lives right on time.