Monday, August 02, 2010

Plans for Jaron

(Sept. 2005)
Well this past Thursday I took Jaron to Atlanta to see Dr. Riski (speech EXPERT). I told him the speech therapist is Boston said Jaron is hypernasal and may possibly need a P-flap surgery next summer. Dr. Riski believes Jaron's soft palate is not short. He just thinks he needs some more therapy learning to make stronger pressure consonants. P's & B's. The soft palate is a muscle and can me trained to work harder. So he wants Jaron to have more therapy for the next 6 months and then he wants to put a camera in his nose to watch his palate while Jaron talks.

I asked him who he recommends for a feeding specialist and he suggested right there in Atlanta. So I went upstairs to make Jaron an appointment. We are going back Aug. 19th to meet a feeding specialist and let him eat in front of her. I am so anxious to find out why he still doesn't chew and swallow normally. No one seems to have an explanation. Jaron still pockets his food and has to be reminded to chew and swallow. He gets very nervous about trying new things too.

So I am now on a mission to find a good speech therapist and figure out how we will work this into our schedule with school starting next monday.

Speaking of school~his teacher called me to introduce herself. Of course I had to fill her in on his history. I mentioned he is hyper active and also mentioned my concern for him having enough time to eat his lunch. She said I could wait to put him in kindergarten next year if I wanted to. So my plan is to let him go for a few weeks and see how he does. If he comes home daily with behavioral notes and not eating his lunch we may need to reconsider. I might need to take a year to focus on his therapy and let him mature some more before he goes to school.
So many much to pray about.