Sunday, August 08, 2010

Muscles & Marshmellows

Jaron showing me his "Big strong muscles" He told me he's stronger than Jacob :-D
Jacob walking around in his "Muscle shirt"

Jonah showing off his "muscles" and big brother's boxer briefs :-D
All three of them with their muscle shirts on getting ready for school to start!!!
A project we did while the baby's were napping one day. Jaron would rather eat the marshmellows and Jacob couldn't stop being silly and making it fall down. I told him to use his imagination and he said "I need help with my imagination"
Well school starts tomorrow. I am taking them in the morning but they will ride the bus home, because I will be babysitting. I am so excited, anxious, nervous and sad. I want Jaron to do great and eat great but I fear he won't be able to focus. He is very high energy and will most likely be distracted and talking most of lunch time and not be able to finish in time. We'll see how it all goes and I'll let you know.
In the mean time, I'm still looking for a swing set for my boys. I've signed up for freecycle groups online in my area but no one has a swing set to give away. I shopped online and they are just too much money. I've always kinda felt guilty because we don't have much for them to do outside. It's kinda been a secret want of mine. I don't talk about it much but deep down I know it would make them happy. One day...