Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jaron Loves School!

Well yesterday wasn't the best....Jaron forgot to take his lunch box to the lunchroom. He got there and told his teacher but she thought he meant he forgot it at home. So he got a tray of food and sat down. He took one bite of the taco and drank his chocolate milk. He told her again and she realized he meant he left his lunch box in the room so when they got back she let him eat in the class. He ate 1/4 of his sandwich. I was not happy knowing my little boy was hungry all day. But I made it clear to him that he better not do it again.

Jacob had to move his clip for talking in class twice. I wasn't very happy with him either. He did pretty good last year with behavior and this being the second day of school was not a good way to start.

So I took them to school again this morning and made it clear to Jaron's teacher he will be bringing his lunch everyday because he's such a picky eater. She was very nice and I told her thank you for letting him eat in class. So today he ate ALL of his sandwich and Jacob ate all of his lunch too! Neither of them got in trouble so they got their prizes. Juicy Drop Pops from the register at walmart.

I asked Jaron during bathtime what was his favorite part of school and he said "all of it". He's writing his name daily, first and last. He's never before written out Cote for me at home. He also drew a sunshine for the first time today on his picture in art class. My little boy is so smart and I hope he learns to eat better so I don't have to take him out of school.

Jonah is a little bored during the day when they are gone but it's always exciting to see them come running off the bus! He misses his brothers being here with him to play and wrestle. But me babysitting little ones his age, keeps him occupied.