Monday, August 09, 2010

First Day of School

So I took the boys to school this morning and they were so excited and ready to go. Jaron did great! There were a couple other kids in the class crying and he was so excited and just said (across the room) "BYE MOMMY!" He ate 3/4 of his sandwich and I am so proud of him. That is huge for him to sit and eat that much in only 30 min with no one there prompting him to get more and swallow. I hope he can continue this and stay in school. I really don't want to hold him back a year. I was babysitting so they had to ride the bus home and of course I had to take the camera outside when the bus pulled up. Jacob had a good day too. He loves school and he said his teacher was nice. I hope this year is great for him. Now for the homework that follows...