Monday, August 30, 2010

King for the day!

Well Jaron came home from school today with a gold crown on his head. He said he got to be king for the day at school. I asked him what he did to deserve that and he told me he was being good sitting quietly and raising his hand. I am so glad he is learning to follow directions and doing well in school. I wasn't sure if he would behave but so far it seems to be going great. He is eating his sandwich every day but nothing else with it. He comes home very hungry and always has a snack. We've reduced down to one pediasure a day and he is still maintaining his weight at 36 lbs.

I just got Jaron out of bed to go potty like I do every night at this time, and he said "Mommy I want somebody to love me" and I said " I love you" and he said "I love everybody" (he is basically talking in his sleep but it was so precious.) I know it's hard raising these boys but I'm sure one day I'll look back and miss the precious moments like this one. :-(

*****I am getting bigger so sitting, standing or walking are all becoming uncomfortable. So blogging might become less too.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I can do this...

Being pregnant and raising 3 boys and babysitting 3 little ones isn't always easy. I do get tired A LOT! My back is starting to hurt more and more. I am often out of breath and need to lay down for little 5 min breaks. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to babysit. Everyday I want to quit keeping other kids but now is not the time. As you can see at the top of the blog I only have about 100 more days in this pregnancy. I think I might make a paper chain and start tearing off the days until baby arrives. (when I get a free minute)

I love my boys and I couldn't ask for a better pregnancy. I have only gained about 15 lbs. so far. I am just really starting to feel the strain on my body. Not to complain and not saying I regret getting pregnant. This baby was planned and is wanted and loved already. It is just really hard work making a person. :-D I read in a book that a pregnant woman sitting down is the equivelant to a non pregnant person moutain climbing.

Jaron told me yesterday "I'm ready for that baby to come out!" and Jonah told me one day last week "open the belly get the baby out". Jacob said "It already looks like you're 9 months". My boys are all so sweet. I can't wait to see this little one inside me. Those first few months with a newborn are so sweet and precious. I know there will be sleepless nights and I will be a walking zombie most of the time. But I love having children. I love when they walk up to me for no reason at all and kiss me saying "I love you". Jacob's been doing that daily lately. Jonah says "I wuv you too."

So being a mother is hard work and inspite of all the fussing and lecturing we have to do as parents~ I still love my children. They were all planned and wanted. God let us borrow them to raise for Him. We are doing our best to raise little gentlemen that will one day grow up and hopefully want to serve the Lord.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Honey Buns & Ketchup...

...not together of course.

Jaron eats a banana or oatmeal every morning before school and he is also signed up for school breakfast every day just incase he wants to try something they are serving. So today his teacher wrote in his agenda that he took a couple of bites of a honey bunn. OMGOSH!!! He has never had one of those but he seems to be increasingly more interested in new foods. I almost cried I was so happy when I read that.

Than at dinner tonight I dipped one of his chicken nuggets in ketchup and just put it in his mouth without him seeing it or getting the chance to turn it down. He ate it and I dipped another one and left it on his plate for the next bite. I turned my head for a second and he swallowed the peas and mashed potatoes in his mouth and picked up the nugget with ketchup and put it in his mouth. Then he smiled really big at me and said "I like it!" So that was really the first time he's willing eaten ketchup and discovered he likes it.

I am so thankful he is coming out of his shell. Slowly but surely I pray he will eat like a normal child one day. My heart breaks to see him as little as he is now. I know it could be worse...but he's my baby and I worry about all of them eating healthy and growing up.

Right now we all seem to be fighting the pollen as we usually do this time of year. Jaron is coughing in his sleep right now as I am typing. Jonah is hoarse from yelling and fussing all day for 3 or 4 days now. Jacob came home with what was most likely a sinus headache yesterday.

Jaron also told me he saw a boy with a lunchable with reeses peanut butter cup in it. I asked him if he wanted one and he said yes so Friday when I go shopping I'm going to get him a lunchable and see if he eats it. Oh and he discovered over the weekend that he likes Nutter Butter cookies!!!

Jacob gets to pick what days he brings his lunch or eats at school. I don't mind either way. So when he does eat at school he chooses the salad option most of the time. He's smart and wants to eat healthy. I love this child and his tender heart. But if he continues to get in trouble for talking at school (3rd time today) then I am going to have to start taking away things like tv time or playing outside or something.

I am trying to finish Jonah's baby book since I have another baby coming and I want to get ahead and start his book before he is born. Still not decided on a name for him but I'm sure we will soon. eyes are closing sitting in this chair.


Pepe & Meme holding Jacob (AKA "Jolly Green Giant")

Jonah LOVED feeding Baxter & Bailey their food one peice at a time.
Jaron didn't want to get in the picture so Meme was trying to pick him up and bring him to the couch.
The boys LOVED having the dogs in the house!!!

We played games, went bowling and watched movies.

Jonah loves his Pepe!

Now Jacob wants to be a "vet". Jaron was wearing his "preaching jacket" and carrying around his Bible all weekend.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd
that's a relationship

I shall not want
that's supply

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures
that's rest

He leadeth me beside the still waters
that's refreshment

He restoreth my soul
that's healing

He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
that's guidance

For His names sake
that's purpose

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
that's testing

I will fear no evil
that's protection

For thou art with me
that's faithfulness

Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me
that's discipline

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies
that's hope

Thou annointest my head with oil
that's consecration

My cup runneth over
that's abundance

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life
that's blessing

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord
that's security

that's eternity

Send the Rain

I love this song....I also love the family singing it~ Rochesters.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Headaches & Heartburn

Well I have officially started getting heartburn....DAILY. I had it with all my previous pregnancies so it was to be expected. The old wives tale about the baby having hair if you have heartburn is not true. My boys were all bald until they were 1 yr old. This is just simply from being big and the baby pressing on my stomach causing reflux.

I also have a sinus infection. I suffered for 2 weeks with headaches daily and then realized I needed some antibiotics to kick this thing. I have this weird problem with taking pills (they always get stuck in my throat) so I have to request liquid antibiotics (NASTY) but a lot easier to swallow. Feeling much better now and it's only been 3 days taking it.

Haven't taken any more pictures but I know I should. My boys are growing up so fast. Jacob is almost as tall as me. Jaron loves school and they have started riding the bus in the morning now too. I got a call from Jaron's teacher Friday. She said they have too many kids in their classes (25) and they are bringing in another kindergarted teacher this week from a local school. They randomly selected 5 kids from each class to put in the new class. Jaron was on the list. She wanted to talk to me about it. She told me he is doing GREAT! She said "you have a smart kid on your hands, and whatever you're doing at home is working". She said he got up and read a book with her to the class. She didn't ask him, he just did it. In her words "He's just very secure with himself". She also told me that beside each childs name on the list they are listed as "high, med, or low". This is regarding their entry evaluation over the summer. Jaron was listed as high. He read the lady the whole book that day we signed him up for kindergarten. So that made me feel really good coming from his teachers. She did say he has to be "redirected" several times a day but no big deal. So he starts in the new class Wed. but I am going to meet her Tues to fill her in on Jaron's history. I think it's helpful if they know his past.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Raising Children

If a child lives with criticism,
He learns to condemn.

If a child lives with hostility,
He learns to fight.

If a child lives with ridicule,
He learns to be shy.

If a child lives with shame,
He learns to feel guilty.

If a child lives with tolerance,
He learns to be patient.

If a child lives with encouragement,
He learns confidence.

If a child lives with praise,
He learns to appreciate.

If a child lives with fairness,
He learns justice.

If a child lives with security,
He learns to have faith.

If a child lives with approval,
He learns to like himself.

(Makes me want to change some things~what about you?)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jaron Loves School!

Well yesterday wasn't the best....Jaron forgot to take his lunch box to the lunchroom. He got there and told his teacher but she thought he meant he forgot it at home. So he got a tray of food and sat down. He took one bite of the taco and drank his chocolate milk. He told her again and she realized he meant he left his lunch box in the room so when they got back she let him eat in the class. He ate 1/4 of his sandwich. I was not happy knowing my little boy was hungry all day. But I made it clear to him that he better not do it again.

Jacob had to move his clip for talking in class twice. I wasn't very happy with him either. He did pretty good last year with behavior and this being the second day of school was not a good way to start.

So I took them to school again this morning and made it clear to Jaron's teacher he will be bringing his lunch everyday because he's such a picky eater. She was very nice and I told her thank you for letting him eat in class. So today he ate ALL of his sandwich and Jacob ate all of his lunch too! Neither of them got in trouble so they got their prizes. Juicy Drop Pops from the register at walmart.

I asked Jaron during bathtime what was his favorite part of school and he said "all of it". He's writing his name daily, first and last. He's never before written out Cote for me at home. He also drew a sunshine for the first time today on his picture in art class. My little boy is so smart and I hope he learns to eat better so I don't have to take him out of school.

Jonah is a little bored during the day when they are gone but it's always exciting to see them come running off the bus! He misses his brothers being here with him to play and wrestle. But me babysitting little ones his age, keeps him occupied.

Monday, August 09, 2010

First Day of School

So I took the boys to school this morning and they were so excited and ready to go. Jaron did great! There were a couple other kids in the class crying and he was so excited and just said (across the room) "BYE MOMMY!" He ate 3/4 of his sandwich and I am so proud of him. That is huge for him to sit and eat that much in only 30 min with no one there prompting him to get more and swallow. I hope he can continue this and stay in school. I really don't want to hold him back a year. I was babysitting so they had to ride the bus home and of course I had to take the camera outside when the bus pulled up. Jacob had a good day too. He loves school and he said his teacher was nice. I hope this year is great for him. Now for the homework that follows...

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Muscles & Marshmellows

Jaron showing me his "Big strong muscles" He told me he's stronger than Jacob :-D
Jacob walking around in his "Muscle shirt"

Jonah showing off his "muscles" and big brother's boxer briefs :-D
All three of them with their muscle shirts on getting ready for school to start!!!
A project we did while the baby's were napping one day. Jaron would rather eat the marshmellows and Jacob couldn't stop being silly and making it fall down. I told him to use his imagination and he said "I need help with my imagination"
Well school starts tomorrow. I am taking them in the morning but they will ride the bus home, because I will be babysitting. I am so excited, anxious, nervous and sad. I want Jaron to do great and eat great but I fear he won't be able to focus. He is very high energy and will most likely be distracted and talking most of lunch time and not be able to finish in time. We'll see how it all goes and I'll let you know.
In the mean time, I'm still looking for a swing set for my boys. I've signed up for freecycle groups online in my area but no one has a swing set to give away. I shopped online and they are just too much money. I've always kinda felt guilty because we don't have much for them to do outside. It's kinda been a secret want of mine. I don't talk about it much but deep down I know it would make them happy. One day...

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Another Boy...

Well I went back to the doctor today for another regular check up and they had me scheduled for an ultrasound. Somehow the 3:30 appt got in before me and I was supposed to go back at 3pm when I got there. I waited 1 hour and 15 min before I was called back. Needless to say I was a little aggrivated. No pregnant woman wants to sit that long. I asked the tech what took so long and she said the couple in front of me found out they are having twins and were not happy. So mine went pretty quick and easy. One baby...still a boy and perfect. I love the profile picture.

I am happy to report that my blood pressure and weight gain are good. Maybe I won't get as big this time. I am staying pretty busy babysitting 3 kids and with 3 of my own.

Changing the subject....we've been in this house 8 years and Jacob is almost 8 yrs old. I have always wanted them to have a swing set to play on. We have a slanted yard so I am not sure if that's even possible. I just feel so guilty that when they go outside to play they are bored. We definately can't afford a pool so they just splash around in the little one we have.

If you or anyone you know has a swing set they have outgrown...we would love to take it off your hands....PLEASE!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Who is he?

Well after much discussion we have decided, I think, we are going to wait until this baby is born to name him. We named all our other boys while I was still pregnant but this one is different. Nothing seems to feel right for me. Chris likes John and I like Judah, Joshua, Josiah....I don't know what I like. Waiting to see his face just seems like the right thing to do. I might change my mind next week...who knows!?!?! :-/ (not me)

Monday, August 02, 2010

Plans for Jaron

(Sept. 2005)
Well this past Thursday I took Jaron to Atlanta to see Dr. Riski (speech EXPERT). I told him the speech therapist is Boston said Jaron is hypernasal and may possibly need a P-flap surgery next summer. Dr. Riski believes Jaron's soft palate is not short. He just thinks he needs some more therapy learning to make stronger pressure consonants. P's & B's. The soft palate is a muscle and can me trained to work harder. So he wants Jaron to have more therapy for the next 6 months and then he wants to put a camera in his nose to watch his palate while Jaron talks.

I asked him who he recommends for a feeding specialist and he suggested right there in Atlanta. So I went upstairs to make Jaron an appointment. We are going back Aug. 19th to meet a feeding specialist and let him eat in front of her. I am so anxious to find out why he still doesn't chew and swallow normally. No one seems to have an explanation. Jaron still pockets his food and has to be reminded to chew and swallow. He gets very nervous about trying new things too.

So I am now on a mission to find a good speech therapist and figure out how we will work this into our schedule with school starting next monday.

Speaking of school~his teacher called me to introduce herself. Of course I had to fill her in on his history. I mentioned he is hyper active and also mentioned my concern for him having enough time to eat his lunch. She said I could wait to put him in kindergarten next year if I wanted to. So my plan is to let him go for a few weeks and see how he does. If he comes home daily with behavioral notes and not eating his lunch we may need to reconsider. I might need to take a year to focus on his therapy and let him mature some more before he goes to school.
So many much to pray about.