Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You might be the mom of many small boys if...

I posted this last year but it is so funny and true I wanted to repost for those who might have missed it.

... several times a day you catch yourself saying "get your hands out of your underwear, it's NOT a toy!"
...you have ever said "DON'T CLIMB UP THE FRIDGE!"
...you superglue motorcycles together
...you can quote Cars Movie word for word
...you know all the words the Thomas the Tank Engine Songs
...refer to your children as small, medium and large
...you have a car, dinosaur and a skateboard in your purse at your doctor without any kids
...You see nothing wrong with drinking from a sippy cup in public because you forgot to bring a water for yourself
...they eat food off the floor and you no longer cringe when they do it
...you can not enjoy peace and quiet because you know that usually means they are into something they shouldn't be
...you have ever called a plumber to get a tractor out of your toilet
...everywhere you go someone feels the need to say "wow you have your hands full"
...you son climbs in and out of the cribs at church and other moms are worried but you just say "he's a professional"
...everything you do revolves around naptime
...buying different brands of socks and underwear for each child makes laundry folding so much easier
...slobber on your shirt doesn't mean you have to change your shirt
...you don't mind smelling a diapered butt to see if they pooped
...you no longer panic when they lock bedroom doors just get a butter knife to unlock it
...every night at bedtime you have to clean the toilet and the FLOOR with clorox wipes before the pee drys
...they fight over who gets to hold the door open for mommy
...you have ever said "don't wipe your hands on the couch, wipe them on your shirt"
...you give them a bag of ice to play with outside and they tell you your the best mother in the world.
...you go to walmart singing baby einstein music all the way there and then you realize you don't have the kids with you
...you have mastered going "potty" and breastfeeding at the same time
...you can bathe all 3 boys in one bath in 10 minutes or less
...a trip to CVS is quiet time for mommy
...ear plugs have become your new best friend
...hiding in a dark closet to take an important call is the only way to hear on the phone
...you tell your family and friends to call after 8pm if they want to talk because that is the children's bedtime
...you sometimes refer to bedtime as "clocking out"
...they can all stand around the potty and pee at the same time
...you cut fingernails in an assembly line
...you cried the first time they pooped in the potty
...sitting in the bathroom floor saying "peepee come out!" is a daily activity
...at bedtime, you have ever said "don't get out of the bed unless your bleeding or have to go potty"
...lunch for you is usually the crust off the PB&J sandwiches
...you have ever lost a child in walmart and when you found him spanked him instead of crying
...the car rides are the most peaceful because everyone is strapped in their carseats
...they have learned to read at 4 years old from watching PBS kids and playing starfall.com
...you let them stand on your shoes to pee in a public toilets so the won't touch it with their "neenot"
...you hide NOISY toys in the bathroom closet because they never think to look in there
...you hear "I love you's" and get kisses more than most people. :-)